Friday, February 6, 2009


Is there anything else in this place?  The weather forecast said 69, but neglected to include the gail force winds blowing the warmth into our little town.

I let the children play at the "blue" play area, but the wind was too much to handle.  

So, we rented 2 kids movies from Redbox.  Madagascar II and Fly Me To The Moon. 

Now, I am undecided as to what I will do for the next several hours.

The cleaning bug has jumped ship, so I think that is out, although the floors need vacuuming desperately amongst other things.

I recorded some shows earlier this week that sound inviting, but I find myself here in front of my computer muddling around.

I am nervous and tense today.  Not sure if it the weather or what, not even sure it is the HOA stuff, but I have an inkling it is.  

It started out with an email from a resident that throws a lot of "@%*&" at the wind and creates a lot of negativity about all things HOA Board.  I know it is only a matter of days until I am done for good, but it still irks me.  

It is my name he is dragging through the mud for his own "political" purposes/gains and that irritates me to the nth degree.

All I have to say is...GOOD LUCK!  You are going to be sorely disappointed being on the Board.  I will use this quote from one of the board members response to this particular resident,  "It is a difficult, time-consuming and thankless job and those who have taken part in it to this point have nothing but the best interests of the neighborhood in mind.  The notion that anyone has an agenda or is hiding anything is laughable".

I appreciate him taking the time to comment back.  He is also stepping down from the board at this time.  I can completely understand why!


Will and Marcie Davis said...

Ohhh! I'm sorry angel! I hope that him stepping down will make it easier for you! Hang in there! I know you are doing a great job! I sure love you! You are an amazing person and I will fight anyone who says otherwise!!! :) Okay maybe I will have Will fight him! :) LOL! Love ya!

Shannon said...

Sorry to hear about all the wind - from the weather front, and the big mouth. There are few things more discouraging than getting grief over an already thankless job.
But at least you still have your sense of humor - loved the funny. :)