Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Running Amuck

The question is, can you can put it together before the end?

Grown up BIG BOY underwear
Flight of comfortably padded stairs that lead to...

The end result is this sweet, yet slightly "donked" face.

Oh yeah!  Did you watch the Super Bowl.  I didn't even though I did want the Cardinals to win.  Who would have thought they would make it that far?  I did a puzzle instead that was finally finished this morning while Miss Boo was at school.  She demanded it be finished by then!  Ha!!

I enjoyed spending lots of time just sitting and thinking about shapes and colors and sizes.  I really think it helped my aging mind, what do you think?  No, really I don't.  Just a rhetorical question.  It felt good to do absolutely nothing, I even let the children run amuck for days.

And boy does it look like it.  On that note I spent 3 hours deep cleaning bathrooms. 

So, now I have to get back to work while I still have the BUG...


Kelley said...

Hmm, I'm sorry about the donking. Is he doing better now?

We LOVE puzzles at our house, though I rarely get the chance to do one by myself. Oh, and how do you encourage getting this BUG? I need it right now with my house in such desperate need of packing and cleaning.

Shannon said...

Oh, dear, poor guy! One must always remember to pull UP the underwear before going down the stairs! :)
Hopefully, just reading your blog will rub off on me, and I will get my bathrooms clean today...

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Ohh Poor guy! I swear between all our little boys black eyes we could start a club!!! :) You know when people are abusive they ALWAYS say they fell down the stairs!!! :) lol! Just kidding! I love you! Good luck with your cleaning! You are MUCH better than me!