Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Leisel

This picture was taken 19 years ago.  Yikes!

I have had my friend Leisel since the 4th grade.  (that makes it sound like she is my pet.  Sorry Lee!) We have literally been through everything together.  We had so much fun as kids, when I rebelled I hung out at her house, her parents called me a boy (they did that to all girls) and I loved it.  She was my "rock" in my life, always there.  The only time she wasn't, it was my fault.  

She is the most organized human being I have ever met.  Healthy!  My heavens, she cooks everything from healthy scratch and it tastes GOOD!  When I visit she lets me sleep in Zoe's bed.  Sorry Zoe!  And we have the best time together, no matter what it is.  I love to be around her and especially do her craft projects with her.  For a couple of hours I actually feel crafty.  That's a major accomplishment.

We actually wore parachute pants on the same day to school.  With Jellies.  And, beaded necklaces.  And that wonderful feathered hair.  We were that COOL!  You so  would have wanted to be our friend!

Actually, we were well rounded.  Band, Orchestra, Cheerleader, Matmaid, boy friends, racket ball, you name it.  We pretty much did it, unless it was illegal.  We knew how to draw our lines and make sure we still had fun.  I can't think of high school without her.  

We wrote all of our notes to each other in shorthand so my mother wouldn't read them. (or anyone else)  I guess we weren't thinking about not being able to read them when we were older either.  LOL.  I tried, but I can't remember much of it.

I love you Leisel.  I am so glad we are still friends.  

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Shannon said...

Cute picture... forgetting shorthand is one thing, but what I am trying to remember is how we got our bangs so big back then?!? I, too, had the curly do with the big bangs. :)