Monday, September 29, 2008


O.k. I finally get the Tagged thing.  My friend Natalie tagged me, I guess there is need to know all the quirky habits in the world.  Boy, do I have a few, at least only 6 are required.

1.  I get "extremely" nervous when Ralph (anyone) takes a different route home or veers off the familiar path without notice.  

2.  I eat Ding Dongs frozen only.  Just about most things; cookies, cake, some candies.

3.  I love schedules.  They are very comforting.  Makes Ralph crazy that I have the kids on a schedule.

4.  I love catsup on rice.  Mmmmmnnnnnnnn.  You should try it!

5.  I read recipe books like novels.  Can't get enough of them.

6.  I am still afraid of the dark.  Anything goes bump and I am outta here!  I wouldn't make it a minute in the movies!  

There you go I can't think of anything else so I tag  Nyoka, Shannon, Rachel, Leilani and Marcie.  And since you asked about it so nicely, I tag you also Tamara. Now you girls obey the rules and post a comment when you are done with your tag, then tag six more people.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Halloween Treats

I was emailed this website by my sister Gretchen.  If you are looking for something creative for Halloween, this is a fabulous idea.

I am on the Activities Committee and am organizing the Adult (yes, I said adults only) Halloween Party for our Ward.  I am so excited.  There is something about getting Adults into costumes and seeing them come alive.  It is a great way to get to know each other. 

I don't think we get to socialize much without our children and am looking forward to "meeting" the members outside of the normal circumstances.

We are having a cake contest and I think these fun little monsters are going to be my entry.  

Any more ideas out there for a great Halloween cake?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Has anyone been part of an HOA Board? This is my first experience and I have been doing it for two years. Yesterday I was positive that it was two years too long and was ready to throw in the towel. It is a job that is hard for me because I do take it very personally as I want my neighborhood to stay as beautiful as the day we moved in. So, therefore I get irritated when residents refuse to clean up their homes or they send nasty letters to the HOA expressing their hatred of such HOA. Funny, didn't they pay any attention to the 20 page document they had to sign regarding the HOA and Dues that they have to pay?

It has been an eye opening experience into human beings and has been a test of charity for me. I have found myself in some dark places dealing with issues around the community and don't like that side of me. One of the things that bothers me the most is that homeowners believe they can do whatever they want with Common Area. (This is land owned by the HOA.) We have people constantly "landscaping" areas they believe are their right because it is in front or back of their home. I find it so strange that someone would just do something on what does not belong to them and when questioned get indignant and angry.

Yes, this has turned into another rant. Sorry!

Actually, I am just conflicted about my role.  I feel like I have to be here in order to protect what Ralph works so hard to keep over our head.  I want others to feel the same and am saddened they don't.  I almost turned in the key last night at our monthly meeting, not sure if I needed this added stress to my life, but walked away still a member, at least for a while.  

Anyway, the picture is not of our neighborhood, but I sent it to the other Board Members as a "Violation".  I am so glad we aren't that "Hillbilly".

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal

I have become addicted to reading blogs of people with great adversity lately and I find that I am uplifted by every post. I am grateful these people take the time to share their lives with people like me.

As you know I follow the Nielsons blog and her sister Courtney's. While reading C Jane's I found this link to Carol Decker in Seattle, Washington and have been so moved by her story. Not just what has happened to them, but the outpouring of love in their community and throughout the blog world to help.

This is a news clip from a fundraiser in her honor.

Every morning after I log on to my computer I check these two websites. It is good to be reassured that there is great kindness still in this world.

Friday, September 19, 2008

All About Attitude

It is amazing how different today was and how that was because of a change in my attitude. I wanted today to be different, really different! I woke up Rosey with her favorite nonsensical song that I sing to her as to not wake her up to quickly and upset the balance of things too early. The difference was this morning I did it because I wanted her to wake up happy about her day and it seemed to be different. What a silly little song called "Wake up you sleepyhead" that if done properly will restore the balance in the universe.

I took her to school and then to the grocery store so Ryan could get his blue cookie from Angie, his favorite bakery lady of all time and then we were off to the gym. He is starting the "Stay with me Mommy and watch me play", so it is a little harder to just drop him and leave because it is too sweet for words...and those eyes! Please!

While I was walking on the treadmill reading the Ensign I came across an article about raising your children. It had the greatest impact on me, maybe because I was in a more receptive spirit or because I recognized the truth in me, my life and could see how my parenting skills were counter productive for her and how I was pushing her to be obedient instead of finding out why she wasn't. Duh?! Really? I truly am that thick that it has taken 4 years.

We had a fabulous day together and I felt this unbelievable increase in love for her and PATIENCE. We had Fun!

She got into my pink lipstick. (pink is her favorite and looked absolutely precious. I didn't even get mad that she used a good portion of it. Just photographed it for the memory spot.

Ralph is home finally. I had the babysitter keep the kids up until he got home around 8:45. They were so excited to see him that Ryan was spinning and hopping until he fell down. I have never seen him so excited before, but this is the longest his Daddy has been gone. Really wish I had the video camera going. Ralph brought the kids their own Halloween silverware and Ryan fell asleep with it in his hand. (see picture above)


"Sleep with me Mom!" I turn around to see Ryan staring at me with those hard to resist eyes and that pouty lip that is already poised for disappointment. How could I resist? I race him to bed and snuggle down with him, just until he falls asleep. I had planned on napping a little, but find myself staring at this incredible little guy that has me tied around his little finger. There is something special about him, maybe the way he looks at you intently before he asks if you are o.k. Maybe it is the peels of laughter that come with such ease or his kindness towards a "grumpy" sister. (his own words) He is our gentle little soul that brings our family together. To think we were stopping at one!

"Tickle me Mommy!" giggles Rosey from the door as I sit at my computer typing this blog. She jumps on my lap and I tickle her as she falls on the floor screaming "Get the armpits", to which I reply; "Yuck! Do you know what's in there?" More squeals of laughter. I think we are finding our way together. I am glad we aren't wasting anymore time being "grumpy". Not that everyday will be like this, but the desire is there for peace and it seems to be contagious among the ranks.

We breathe and feel that all is well in the Universe. For today at least and with this blog I can go back and remind myself when the sky looks bleak and hopeless that this too shall pass.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lots of Obeying...

Today was a stressful day with the kids. Mostly due to lack of sleep on my part. Ryan has a cold and gets stuffed up in the night and freaks out because he can't breathe through his nose. He ended up in bed with me around 11:30.

But, the day ended on a good note with Rosey. She is such a delight when she is in a good mood. We made brownies today which she helped a lot with. She wanted them cut up so I gave her a butter knife figuring that wasn't too dangerous and was amazed at how coordinated she was and able to see her master it within minutes. She is so proud of herself.

Anyways we were having a conversation at the counter while I was getting her brownie ready as we have been having a problem with obedience today.

Rosey what does it mean to obey your parents?

I don't know.

Did you know it is a commandment?


It says in the Bible you are to obey your Mother and Father.

No! Ms. Joe says that!

Excuse me?!?

She was talking about that today, that there is an Old Testament and a New Testament and it talks about obeying a lot. (for those confused, Rosey goes to the Lutheran Academy Preschool)

I start laughing, not because of the subject, but because of her hand gestures. I asked her to explain it to me 3 times and she used the same hand gestures. I took a picture because it was so amusing. I am assuming that her teacher explained the Old Testament and raised up one and then the other. It was too precious for words.

This is really the first time that she has told me about what she learns at school. They have a ten minute devotional every day with a spiritual thought. Glad they are hitting on the main points for kids. I have found this to most helpful with Rosey issues. Last year she had a problem with biting. After devotional she never bit again or talked about it. Mrs P (Pappert) said that Rosey was listening really closely taking in every bit of. Thanks Lutheran Academy for helping with the hard issues.

Oh yeah! Ralph left town yesterday morning and will be back Friday night. Yuck! Miss you Nader!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ramblings of a "lost" mind

I am sitting here at my desk having a conversation with my son Ryan. Boy have we come a long ways since the night of the spiders. He picked out a pack of spiders at the dollar store a couple of days ago and asked to see the spider that I had used on the "attack of the spiders" post and told me it was really cool. Have we turned a corner and can finally get over the spider phobia and be a typical boy?

He loves that the spider has red eyes, he likes that color a lot.

I am just glad to see him in a good mood finally. It has been over a week of him whining and crying, I actually started to think that I was losing my mind. I can only take so much whining before I blow, it is my greatest weakness. We have been learning about reverence at church for the past couple of weeks and how it is not just for church. I really want to "find" reverence in my life, but I truly find it elusive. I understand the time and season for everything and truly am grateful for the sister that shared that in R.S. It has helped me to not be so disappointed in myself, but I still desire to have peace and the end result quiet in my home. I know it has to begin with me and I have to change what is holding me back from that elusive peace. So, I get up each day and I TRY and with time I pray I can accomplish what I have set out to do.

This all sounds like a ramble as I try to sort out how to get my life back. I am not sure when I lost it, but I have felt so out of control for so long that I want me back. I sound completely nuts!!!! I have just spent some "real" time contemplating my life and finally staring it in the face, to realize that there is so much that I don't do to make it the way I want. Now is the time to get it together so my children can enjoy me and have good memories of childhood.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have been moved by the story of the young parents in Arizona that were injured in a plane crash a month ago after leaving the St. Johns airport. My heart goes out to the pilot that lost his life and my heart is saddened by the loss the children are experiencing by being away from their parents. The mother was burned over 80% of her body and the father 30%. They are in the hospital in Phoenix and their children are with family in Utah. I have attached a button to the blog of the sister taking care of three of the children as her blog is so interesting to me. She has a way of writing that is inviting and fun. (A talent I do not possess). Anyways, I find myself drawn to the site to see how things are progressing with them and the rest of the family as they find their way in these uncertain times.

The button is at the top of this page under the slideshow. (c me read c jane)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Other Guy...

We had the most interesting talk with Rosey after Church today. Ralph was asking her what she learned in Primary and she was filling him in on the details. The conversation evolved and he asked her what she was going to do when she turned 8, to which she responded she was getting baptized. He then asked her who would baptize her. She got quiet and said "who Daddy?" He said he would be the one to baptize her. She said, "Oh, so the other guy baptized Jesus?" I love the minds of 4 year olds.

Ralph and I celebrated our 41st and 45th birthdays yesterday with our friends, and with all the children there was somewhere around 35 people in our home. That means our house can manage that many and still have plenty of room. The next party is going to bigger and better. Wouldn't that be nuts? I found this amazing recipe for ribs that Ralph even liked. For the past 6 years I have been trying to cook some that tasted good and I finally did it. Ralph planned the whole party (except for the main meal) and it was soooo much fun.

Ralph gave me the best present ever. We had decided not to give gifts this year so on Thursday when Ralph said he had gotten me a gift I was irritated because I had gone with the whole no present theme wholeheartedly as he is the pits to buy for. He said that it didn't cost anything, but was worth a lot. Boy, was it ever...that sounds a little scary doesn't it. Did anyone out there say to themselves "I don't think I want to know?!" LOL He shaved off his beard to a goatee which I love. He looks so awesome with it that way. So grateful for a husband that knows me so well.

Anyways, turning 41 has given me the opportunity to count my many blessings and I find that there are so many that it is hard to put them all down. So grateful for my family and the blessed life I have with many friends in it. Thanks to all of your for making my life as special as it it.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Attack of the Spiders!

Yes, it is 4:11 a.m. and we have been awake for the better part of an hour. We were awakened to the blood curdling screams of Ryan around 3:30, only 30 minutes after Rosey woke me up to take her to the bathroom. He was screaming that spiders were on him. I took him to our bed and told him that there weren't any in our room. He seemed o.k. for about 3 minutes and then let out that blood curdling scream again and went into a panic mode trying to get away from the spider on me, him, the bed, the pillow, you name it. We turned the light on and then he came unglued because the ceiling fan was a spider. So, now we are freezing because we have to have it on high so it doesn't resemble one. I am pretty freaked out on this one, usually he is good within minutes of Daddy stomping them out, but every 10 minutes he claims one is on his leg. It cramped up from all the jumping around.

Any ideas? Has anyone had a two year old that has such vivid fears? (hallucinations) He has an ear infection, but I can't imagine that could have anything to do with this.

Thank heavens for the distraction of Wow Wow Wubzy that seems to be calming him down.

Ralph just pointed out an irony to me. He is terrified of spiders, but the pajamas he is wearing are Spider Man and they have a web and spider on them.

Looks like he is getting tired, so I am going to try and get some rest. After all, school is in 4 hours and I am the carpool driver.

Update: We didn't get to bed until 5:30 this morning and he woke up and started in on the spiders again, although not to the degree it was during the night. Wouldn't let me put him down. Help Mothers!

3:30 p.m. The doctor took Ryan off of his amoxicillian immediately and said he can't be sure that is what caused the hallucinations, but wouldn't rule out the dye and mix they use for the antibiotic. We will see if tonight is better.