Saturday, July 28, 2012

An answer

I am always amazed when I hear of people getting direct answers to prayers and can expressly say what happened.

On tuesday afternoon we realized that the children's shot records were missing. It had been a long time since I had seen them, I assumed they were in the safe.


Since the children were in public school I had not kept up on their shots. Well, that is one of the reasons. Another reason is that when the Dude was little I felt quite strongly that I should not continue with his immunizations. Don't get me wrong, I am not against them, I just couldn't seem to bring myself to do his. Every time I called to make an appointment I would get so uneasy, so I went with that feeling and after a while I forgot about them.

 That was 2007.

 Now, I was desperately trying to find those records to no avail. I pulled my top drawer out and went through every piece of paper and memorabilia that I had stuffed in there over the past five years.


 Tried the file cabinet, but I knew that was a long shot.

Still nothing,, So, I thought, what would Laurie do? Pray, of course. So I knelt there in that closet and prayed that I would know where those records were, that I would be able to see in my mind where they were.

 I got a Margaret type answer. (she knows what I am talking about). Go paint your toe nails. What? Paint your nails. Ok. I'm not getting anywhere looking. By the time my toes were dry I was calm and relaxed. Not a feeling I have had much these days I admit.

I then felt that I should look in that drawer again. But, I had just looked through every thing in that drawer I say to myself.  "Just look!"  I can't tell if I hear or feel it.  For me it is the same thing at this point. I open the drawer and pick up the first piece of paper and there are those records on top.

 Such feelings of gratitude bubbled up inside me as I realize that he is teaching me to rely more on Him. He needed me to slow down, ask him and also to feel some peace for a bit. Trust him and let me see that He is all powerful and will help if we turn it over to him.

I struggle with that part, I always want/need to do it all. Rely on my limitations and cry to him when it doesn't turn out well. So much to learn in this life. So grateful that he doesn't give up trying to make me a better person and to help me become a better person. So many things I want to change, trying harder to rely on him.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sir Frankenhubby

Well, I can finally put it all in writing.  For the past 11 months Mr. Finn has been unemployed.
I have stressed and agonized over almost every second of it.  Lost about 5 million strands of hair and in the end, the Lord blessed him with a job.



Yep.  Sense of humor he has.  We prayed for a job.

I guess he figures we are needed there.  I will get there.  It will have to be soon as we are moving on the 25th of this month.

We drove down there a week ago to check out the locals.  Well, it is a bit of a culture shock, but at least it is pretty.  We will adjust.

The kids will be trying out public school for the first time.  We figure if it's going to be a change we might as well rip off the band aid and go all in.  I don't know who is more frightened by that prospect.  I must admit that I have been quite freaked out by the whole move.  During the fourth of July parade I started bawling like a baby.

I was/am crazy.  I will do something that I know will be the last time and I get all emotional.  I really love it here.  We called it home and believed it.  When we got close to home on our way back from checking out the "new" land, I got so excited because we were almost home and then I got so sad.  Such conflicting emotions in almost the same breath.  It was overwhelming.

The ward is small there.  Less than 100 members seated in church and they said it was bursting at the seams.  Durst I laugh out loud at that?  It was more than a little scary.  That means no rest for any church members.  Sigh!

Mr. Finn says I am driving him crazy with all my worrying.  I totally freak out about the smallest of things.

I guess the only thing I can say is that we are still married after all this and still talking.  Sometimes quite loudly, but for the most part we are managing to "rub on".  (heard that on a british show and loved it.)

It will be interesting to see why the Lord is moving us there.  One of the counselors did say that in the past month four families have moved in that were "permanent".  That is huge for them because it is a college town.  Maybe it is part of building his Kingdom in the south.

Gird up them loins already Girl.  Put on your bravest face and just "move".

And YES, my dear friend Laurie, I will miss you like crazy.  Can't say your name without tearing up.  I will so be phone hounding you and YES things will be the same.  I will talk, you will talk and we will laugh.  If you screen my calls, I will hunt you down.