Sunday, January 20, 2013

Did I hear that right?


Am I speaking to Robin?

Yes you are.

This is Yoshi from Oprah.

(awkward pause)

I'm sorry, where are you from?


Hmmmm... (another awkward pause while trying to decide how to respond.)

Isn't that show cancelled?  (yes, I really said that, with my teeth clenched.)

(awkward silence on the other end)  Oops! (maybe shouldn't have said that.)

Guess what?  You've won a car!

Thank heavens some people have a sense of humor.

He is actually Yoshi from OPAA and wanted to have me in for an interview for a job that I applied for.

You can see why I got that wrong, right?


He must have thought I was crazy.

He said he needed a good laugh.  So, I'm good... right?


I got the job.  He thinks I'm funny.  He doesn't know that I just didn't hear him correctly and yes, I am that kind of dork.

I am going to be a lunch lady.  Did you know there is a song about it?  I do now.

I got called to be the secretary for the Young Womens and the second counselor graced me with the song.  She said she will always be humming that song when she sees me.

Great to know.

The hours are when my children are in school and it pays decent for non skilled labor type job.  Although Yoshi kept saying he wanted me to be the cook.  I would rather do mindless work and go home, but it pays the bills, so I am going to go in with a smile on my face and a net on my head.

By the way, my kids thought I was so cool to being having an interview with Yoshi.  He's a rockstar in the video game world apparently.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Short timers...

I really want to blog again. I do... Really!

I just can't seem to find the words anymore to put them down in an interesting way.

Where do I start?

Where do you want me to start?

Some news first maybe.

We lasted five months in the south. Mississippi, that is.

What does that say about me?  I want to feel bad about not being southerly minded, but I just don't.   I never thought I would be a Midwesterner, but I believe that is what I have become.  We love it here in Missouri. We feel this is where we belong. In a community where our children can grow up with people that know and love them.

Anyways, no matter how it looks to outsiders, our decision was not made lightly and I believe (from my lack of worry) that this is where The Lord wants us to be. We learned a few things down there.  Maybe it was the only place and time where we could have learned these little nuggets of wisdom. I am grateful that we could do that and return to our friends

And because our home did not sell, we got to move back into a home fully furnished. Since we were going to have the house packed and moved once, we just had to put the clothes back in the drawers and dishes in the cupboard. We just took basics with us. It has been so peaceful being back.

The kids were even able to go back to private school thanks to a huge blessing. We are truly grateful.