Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pickle Sandwiches

When I asked Rosey if she wanted a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, she responded that she would like her favorite kind. I asked what that was and to my surprise she said that Pickle Sandwiches were her favorite! Yummmy!!!! And then she said it had to be shaped like a heart. Of Course, right?! She is definitely her own person. YUCK! She didn't eat it though, so maybe she had her favorite things mixed up a bit.

The second picture is how my children like to watch movies together in the middle of the summer. (It was 92 degrees today) Down comforters, umbrellas and big bowls of fruit snacks. Were we that crazy as kids? I can't remember, but I don't recall having so much creativity or freedom to actually carry out such strange ideas. At least they are happy and can spend some time together without fighting.

Speaking of fighting, tomorrow is school for Rosey. Yeah!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3D Bugs

For Family Home Evening we took the kids to the 3D version of Fly Me To The Moon, which is of course about Flies going to the moon. Could we have taken our "Bug Phobic" son to a worse movie? The beginning opens with a dragonfly coming directly towards you. Cool, right? Our little two year screamed like a girl and tried to climb over the seat. I wish I had a video camera to capture the moment as it was the most fun I have had all year. I couldn't stop laughing. He finally took the glasses off stating "I don't want the bugs that close to me and watched the rest without them. Rosey was having a ball trying to catch everything. She was fascinating to watch. She declared as we were leaving that she was saving her glasses to go home and watch all her movies "close".

It was a lot fun for the family. Cute movie if your kids aren't afraid of bugs!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mom Sure is Crabby!

Rosey's first day of school is today. She is so grown up! I couldn't help thinking of last year, her first year of Preschool and how different the experience is this year. I wasn't able to take any pictures because she was screaming and crying so much, this year I snapped to my heart's content. She was so anxious to get into the classroom she was getting antsy with all the kids lined up. It is a little chaotic this year with the addition of a kindergarten program in the Lutheran Academy.

While trying to get children dressed and fed this morning in order to be on time to the first day of school, I got a bit upset with the progress of things. Rosey looked at her brother and said "Mom sure is crabby this morning", to which Ryan responded "yep she is!" Sure took me off guard to realize how much she notices things and you have to love how she hits it right on.

One of the mother's was very emotional about leaving her son at school, I wonder if I am missing that mommy gene as I was excited about leaving her. The only person more excited was Ryan. I try not to feel guilty because I look forward to that 2 1/2 hours of Rosey-free time. I love her to death but we are both better off with a little away time. Makes us better people to each other.

Now lets see if I can make myself productive during that time! Ha!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Camp Nauvoo

We spent the weekend camping at the State Park across the street from Historic Nauvoo. We had a pretty good time with absolutely the best weather ever. For all those that want to go see the Nauvoo Pageant, you should go the last weekend as it is pretty light on the crowd. The kids had a blast playing pioneer games and Ryan loved the grand entrance and opening song of the Pageant. After that it was downhill for them as it was bedtime and they were exhausted. We left early, but were able to see the Temple lit up and it was beautiful. We took the wagon so had a nice walk home in the cool weather with the temple lights leading the way.

If it hadn't been for the raccoon tearing our trash bag to shreds in the middle of the night, it would have been perfect. LOL
If you can't guess, I don't do well with things that go bump in the night. It was a very long night for me. Even being tired Saturday was so much fun with the kids. They were fascinated with the Brick Shop and the blacksmith. Actually Ryan had more fun outside throwing rocks in the air with Elder Anderson from Mesa, Arizona, but to each his own. We were able to get on the Wagon for a tour of the area that the children loved as long as it was moving. The man giving the tour liked to talk, so he stopped frequently to expound on things, so Ryan decided to sleep instead. Rosey complained very loudly that this isn't what we were supposed to be doing. The joy of children. Considering they were 2 & 4, I was impressed with how much were able to see in spite of all the whining, which is something that you must expect with that age group.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Time Machine

On Tuesday I decided at 12:30 to take the children to the city pool at 3:30.  Rosey wanted to go right then and kept bugging me.  Around 1 p.m. she came running into my room and told me to come to see her clock immediately.  She was so excited! She had gotten up on her horse in order to reach her dresser where her clock is and changed it to 3 o'clock so we could go swimming.  She stated that it was o.k. and we could go now. I had to explain to her that changing the time on the clock didn't make it 3 o'clock and that the pool still had 1 o'clock on their clock.  She got the strangest look on her face and left the room.

Ralph says it will be cool the day she comes in with her time machine and it works!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

House full of kids

Last week Nyoka came with the kids.  Can you believe we had six kids here in this house and it didn't get as messy as when my two kids play?!  It was actually a peaceful time having her here.  The kids played together pretty well, no blood which is always good. 

I have missed having the sound of Nyoka at home, for those that don't know, she is my daughter.  I raised her from 14 years old and can't imagine my life without her in it.  She brings an air of joy with her and always has.  When she was a teenager, we used to lay around watching movies and eating ice cream sandwiches.  (Back in the days when she thought Van Dam was all that and a bag of chips!)  She could always make me laugh and gave me a sense of calmness.  She is a remarkable mother and a wonderful daughter. 

There are somethings in life we wonder why we do the things we do and she is the reason I did 9 years in the 90's.  I have been asked many times if I regretted marrying her could I?  I got Nyoka and that is a blessing every moment of my life.