Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Decorating High

OK.  So I am in that decorating phase again.  You all know what happened the last time I hit this phase.  I painted 95% of my house in under 2 months.  I know!  Crazy!  Just a little, but isn't that what stirs the creative juices?  Mr. Finn thinks I'm nuts when it comes to that stuff.  He is completely happy with with white blank walls.  I, as the "creative" (snorkle) one in the family cannot imagine a world (house/home) without shades of me all over it.  I love nuances of color.  Not vibrant colors mind you, but earthy shades that make me feel wrapped up in warmth.  Hence...our home.

When Mr. Finn and I were preparing for marriage, we quickly realized that we have very different tastes in furnishings.  It was going to be a hard fit as we couldn't find a middle ground and then one day we happened upon a "going out of business" sale for some business that I don't remember the name of and really doesn't matter at this point, now does it?! (Heilig Meyers)  Anyways, we happened upon a dresser that we both liked.  I liked the style and he liked the wood.  RUBBER TREE.  Do  you know how heavy rubber tree is?  Oh my!  It was a good compromise for us and so we decided to buy that dresser right there on the spot and because it was our first thing bought together we ran out to find matching night stands.  We visited every one of those stores in every part of the state we could get to and finally found two in Show Low, Arizona.

So, that is how we came to have this set.
As you can see, it doesn't blend well with my chocolate walls.  We need to fix that.
 I refinished the two end tables last week.  Imagine a rubbed oil bronze knob on the drawer because that is what arrived yesterday by UPS.  It was like Christmas.  I've already mentioned how I love mail and packages are a real thriller, not matter what is in them.
(pay no mind to the tissue, they live on top of my nightstand.  And who has phones with cords anymore?)
I was very pleased with how they turned out.  Who knew it would look almost as if we bought them at a store.  I am getting ready to start on that big dresser, but will be unable to lug it downstairs.  It takes two grown men to move that beast.  I am going to have to get creative with the sanding part.  Hmmmmmm.
Rubber Tree.  
Go figure.

P.S.  Should I distress it?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You've Got Mail?

I am one of those people that loves to get mail.  Well, not bills, but personal mail.  I even enjoy email Mail if you know what I mean.   I love knowing that someone thought of me that day.  It is a purely selfish thing, but brings me so much joy.  Mr. Finn is one of those people that sends me mail, mostly email, but I love that he thinks to send me messages every once in a while that are meant to raise my spirits for the day.  Thank you Sweetheart.  Miss Boo is another one of those people that loves to write letters to those that she cares about.  I am on that list and I love every single letter that she gives me.

On Saturday to celebrate my love of mail we went to see the Pony Express ride into St. Joseph, Missouri on their Annual Commemorative Ride from Sacramento, California.  I got choked up a little when they arrived.  (The same feeling I had when I saw Neil Diamond in concert.)  The Pony Express only ran for a year and a half, but we all know what they did. Can you imagine the joy it was to hear those hooves pounding on the dirt trail?  Bringing news of family far away.  I miss paper mail in some ways.  It is more personal because it takes a huge effort to write, envelope, stamp and for me to take to the post office.

I remember being in the mission field and receiving mail.  It was such an anxious, exciting feeling waiting for the Elders to arrive with the mail from the mission home.   It took weeks for mail to arrive from the states and so it was a treat to get that precious envelope. Most of my mail was from Mr. Finn.  He began writing me with the knowledge that I would be required to write him back if I were to be obedient to mission rules.  His letters were interesting and plentiful.  Even packages filled with needed items and sometimes cash wrapped in saran wrap and stuffed into shampoo bottles.  I felt special every time I would get mail.  Everyone in my district was envious of all the mail I received.  See what a well written letter can accomplish.

I want to make a better effort of sending "paper" mail.  I know how it makes me feel.  How does it make you feel?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hot Topic

 Before Miss Boo entered this world, Mr. Finn and I loved to find those out of the way places to eat.  Those "greasy spoons" that serve up the most fattening, delicious tasting food ever.  We found this amazing place in Washington that is very often the topic of our conversations, especially when hungry.  With that in mind, a week ago Saturday as we were sightseeing in downtown KC, we thought about the place we had seen our way
down.  It looked promising.  The sign was to die for.  The chocolate cake was yummy for the children, but that was about it.  A disappointment for Mr. Finn and I, but we will push on to find another place that can fill our VOID.
(Can you see how sick Miss Boo was?  Yet, ironically she could eat most of her cake.)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update on Miss Boo

It looks like Miss Boo is feeling better with her "tummy" issues.
After a week of many hours in the bathroom, she is finally
returning to life as a 6 year old.

That is proven by her laughter and pretend play that
we are starting to see.  She is becoming more loving and
soft with everyone in this house which tells me she
is feeling more like herself or more like the self
she hasn't been in a very long time.

I am so relieved and hope we have "fixed" this problem.
We still have bad days, but they don't last all day
and they aren't consecutive.

Thank you Dr. Septor for taking the time with us and helping
us to know what would relieve this poor little
girl of her greatest woe.

Now to put some meat back on her bones.  She got very
skinny during all this stuff.  Breaks my heart to see how thin
she is and that isn't from a lack of food, just a lot of
not feeling well and that darn old flu she got in Arizona.
She is up for the challenge of putting on some weight.
You should see how many pancakes she is putting down
this morning.  Thanks for all of your concern and support.

Things are looking up!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hoppy Swimmy Sunny

Please meet the newest and shortest
lasting member of our family.
I was informed that Hoppy Swimmy Sunny, 
named for his best qualities was Miss Boo's cousin and that 
the Dude was his Dad.  It really makes you rethink the 
whole species thing doesn't it?  I was proud that they even 
touched the little guy as they tend to be a bit squeamish
with all living things not of the human race, but they took
right to poor old Hoppy and played with him 
until his sides were heaving from exhaustion.  

How many times must one poor little frog be tossed into
the pool to see him swim.  According to them he can't
drown because he is a frog.  Or should I say a toad.
They decided that was what he was and well, what 
do I know?  So they played and played with him.

We had to go to Toy Story 3 and they were worried he 
wouldn't be there when they got back.  I told them that if
he was they could have him. 
(Kind of like the "if you love it, let it free" thing.)
He was!

Yet sometime in the night, Mr. Finn having compassion 
upon Mr. Hoppy, set him free.

Oh!  The sadness and grief that has settled upon this
home at the loss of poor old Hoppy.

Why would he leave?  They loved him so.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dia de Padres

When I first me Mr. Finn I was pretty sure he wasn't worth my time.

He was too busy being a teenager and I wasn't impressed.

Little did I know then that one day he would be the father
of my children.   Not only a father, but a really
good one that the children lovingly call
Papa, Daddy, Dad.

And I say lovingly because they adore him.
That is something you can't fake in a child.
They are so honest.
He loves to take the children out to do all the things that
I don't like or enjoy.  They love spending all the
alone time with him.  I am grateful that he is
worth my time and that of our children.

Thank you for being a great
to our

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Doctor, Doctor...give me the news...

 We finally got into the specialist after only 2 months of anticipation.

Was it worth it?

Oh my heavens, was it ever?

My little girl wakes up every morning crying because her tummy hurts.  It is awful to not know what to do.  I couldn't make the pain go away and after visiting with the doctor, found out that I contributed to some of it by amping up the fiber.

After all, haven't we always heard that fiber helps move things along.  In her case, it was moving things along until the blockage and then causing extreme pain because it couldn't get past it.  I believe I worded that as to not gross anyone out.

He even grabbed a pen and drew on the examining table paper what we were talking about.  It was great for both the 42 year old and the 6 year old.  And directions on how to fix it were written out for "Tummy Problem Fixes for Dummies".

I felt the greatest sense of relief.  I can deal with exactness.  I know how to work within parameters knowing what is to be expected.  Whew!

And so tomorrow begins two days of "super cleanse".  Imagine all you want because it will be that and more.  And just to gross you out because I saved you from it earlier on, "It" needs to be the consistency of pudding for two months in order for the colon to shrink back to it's normal size.  He believes we have averted any permanent nerve damage so that is great news.

I am anxious to see if this brings a happier, less grumpy child into our home.  NO!  We are not adopting!  I can imagine how awful I would feel with these stomach problems, let alone in a 6 year old that is in the beginning of her life.  She is creating her life "luggage" right now and I don't want it to be filled up with this crap.  (pun intended.)

Today we have hope, tomorrow...
Don't you just love the decor in Children's Hospitals?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Duck Duck Goose

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks/years when your life feels like a child's game?
You know you are going to get picked and going to have to run for your

My life is pretty good, but there are days when I feel like throwing my arms
up and begging to be left alone.  Not now Please.

Since arriving home a week ago I have been exhausted so much
that I slept for 16 hours Saturday night.  I find it difficult to
drag this "lithe" (snicker) frame out of bed in the mornings.

But...I do and then hit the floor running.  There is so much to
be done.  I appreciate that Mr. Finn said the house was cleaner 
than when I left it, but we differ on how that became his reality.

Thanks to my folks I have an Oreck vacuum to play with and it is
getting indoctrinated into our home.  How often do you have to 
change a bag?  Scary to even being asking that question.
Yucky floors.

The children are so happy to be home with their Daddy.  
Miss Boo has had a strange way of showing it.  
I thought six was too young for the "I hate you" outbursts.  
Apparently everything I knew about
parenting is going to be thrown out the door with this one.  
He told her she could get a new Daddy to which she retorted:  
"I hate you...I will hate the new one too".

We are working on her choice of anger outbursts.  
Any suggestions?

At least today she is happy and CHEERFUL.  A rare combination
for her.  I understand that her "tummy" problems don't help
her disposition, but we need to get this taken care of before
we have to find the duct tape.  Don't pretend you are shocked
and horrified by that.  We have all thought of it at least
once.  I love my child.  I love my child.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's in a name?

Mom says when I grow up I can give my bed to my little girl if I take care of it.

Mr. Finn asks in return, "What if you have a boy?".

Total look of disbelief and shock on the face of our daughter.

He asks her what she would name a boy, to which there is no reply.  He asks her what she would name her daughter.

Peaches.  Peach, of course.

Won't Miss Boo be excited when she is a teenager to see my list of names from when I was little and... I WONDER how grateful she is going to be that I didn't use one of them?!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Day of Memorium

The saturday before Memorial Day we piled into the folks vehicle
and headed to Alpine, AZ to the family grave yard.  I have 
never been part of the group that goes and so this was a new
experience for me and the children.   They loved being part of
cleaning and placing of new flowers on the graves.
I enjoyed the stories by MomE about family relatives and such.  I particularly
enjoyed her acting out the parts with such conviction.
And of course...the men stood here in the spot this entire time
watching us work and talking amongst themselves.  Hmmmmmmm!