Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hot Topic

 Before Miss Boo entered this world, Mr. Finn and I loved to find those out of the way places to eat.  Those "greasy spoons" that serve up the most fattening, delicious tasting food ever.  We found this amazing place in Washington that is very often the topic of our conversations, especially when hungry.  With that in mind, a week ago Saturday as we were sightseeing in downtown KC, we thought about the place we had seen our way
down.  It looked promising.  The sign was to die for.  The chocolate cake was yummy for the children, but that was about it.  A disappointment for Mr. Finn and I, but we will push on to find another place that can fill our VOID.
(Can you see how sick Miss Boo was?  Yet, ironically she could eat most of her cake.)


Will and Marcie Davis said...

I know the PERFECT place for you! Its called Big Juds out here! Fat, yummy greasy cheesburgers with amazing icecream! :) When will Miss Boo be completly better? Hope its soon!

Shannon said...

What is the name of your favorite WA spot? I am a sucker for Dick's drive-in. :)

Robin said...

Shannon...we can't remember the name of the place. It in on the way to Klamath Falls when you take the back way home to Monroe. It sits in a little town on a corner. So delicious. I think Dick's is o.k., but this place puts it to shame.