Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hoppy Swimmy Sunny

Please meet the newest and shortest
lasting member of our family.
I was informed that Hoppy Swimmy Sunny, 
named for his best qualities was Miss Boo's cousin and that 
the Dude was his Dad.  It really makes you rethink the 
whole species thing doesn't it?  I was proud that they even 
touched the little guy as they tend to be a bit squeamish
with all living things not of the human race, but they took
right to poor old Hoppy and played with him 
until his sides were heaving from exhaustion.  

How many times must one poor little frog be tossed into
the pool to see him swim.  According to them he can't
drown because he is a frog.  Or should I say a toad.
They decided that was what he was and well, what 
do I know?  So they played and played with him.

We had to go to Toy Story 3 and they were worried he 
wouldn't be there when they got back.  I told them that if
he was they could have him. 
(Kind of like the "if you love it, let it free" thing.)
He was!

Yet sometime in the night, Mr. Finn having compassion 
upon Mr. Hoppy, set him free.

Oh!  The sadness and grief that has settled upon this
home at the loss of poor old Hoppy.

Why would he leave?  They loved him so.


Anonymous said...

At risk to life and limb I set Mr Hoppy Free. He was Free, Free at last!!

Mr. Finn-

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Hilarious!!!! I love this story!!! Poor kids! Poor Mr. Hoppy!!! Love it!