Friday, June 11, 2010

Duck Duck Goose

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks/years when your life feels like a child's game?
You know you are going to get picked and going to have to run for your

My life is pretty good, but there are days when I feel like throwing my arms
up and begging to be left alone.  Not now Please.

Since arriving home a week ago I have been exhausted so much
that I slept for 16 hours Saturday night.  I find it difficult to
drag this "lithe" (snicker) frame out of bed in the mornings.

But...I do and then hit the floor running.  There is so much to
be done.  I appreciate that Mr. Finn said the house was cleaner 
than when I left it, but we differ on how that became his reality.

Thanks to my folks I have an Oreck vacuum to play with and it is
getting indoctrinated into our home.  How often do you have to 
change a bag?  Scary to even being asking that question.
Yucky floors.

The children are so happy to be home with their Daddy.  
Miss Boo has had a strange way of showing it.  
I thought six was too young for the "I hate you" outbursts.  
Apparently everything I knew about
parenting is going to be thrown out the door with this one.  
He told her she could get a new Daddy to which she retorted:  
"I hate you...I will hate the new one too".

We are working on her choice of anger outbursts.  
Any suggestions?

At least today she is happy and CHEERFUL.  A rare combination
for her.  I understand that her "tummy" problems don't help
her disposition, but we need to get this taken care of before
we have to find the duct tape.  Don't pretend you are shocked
and horrified by that.  We have all thought of it at least
once.  I love my child.  I love my child.



Tamaratravel said...

hahaha..I can't wait to read your blog in Rosie's teenage years..I would use more than duck tape myself..Soap anyone? I'll I can say is good luck..

Shannon said...

After trying several times to express to my kids how hurtful "hate" is, I found a wee bit of ivory soap "washed" the offensive word right off the tongue. It worked wonders (although my Grandma insisted that is what made Bronte stutter for awhile - argh!)
Take heart - this, too, shall pass.