Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Dude turned NINE!

This sweet, funny, adorable, kind, energetic, loving little boy is 9.  I can't believe he is so grown up.
He brings so much joy into our home.  He is always so sweet, especially if you he thinks you are sad.  The hugs are amazing.
His favorite cake this year is yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting.  He can love something for a long time and then one day he wakes up and, Bam!, doesn't like it anymore.  Make me laugh.  I tend to be the same way.
I mean really!  Look at that face...
He believes in the power of prayer.  I am so amazed at how he will put his trust in the Lord for bad dreams or whatever.  Not even a second thought.  Ironically, he was praying for a specific gift in the above picture.  Ha Ha!
He had a fun day with his two friends.  He was only missing his friend Brodyn that moved away and it would have been perfect.
I thought his sister's card was pretty sweet.  She is quite ornery with him most of the time, so it is good to know that she cares for him.

So proud of this sweet little boy and the choices he makes.  So happy to be his Mom.