Monday, February 16, 2015

Lame Recap

I am going to try for a quick recap.

I used to love blogging, but lately it has seemed like a chore on the never-ending list.  The good news is that the list is getting smaller and I don't feel so overwhelmed.  Last year was a really tough year and quite emotionally draining.
Christmas was a success in the Finn household.  Our children still remember what the true meaning is and it warms my heart that gifts aren't the main focus.  I do not remember being this way as a child.
The kids are doing great at school.  All A's for the most part.  A couple of B's for the Dude, but he has assured me that it will be all A's on the next report card.  He strives really hard to do good.  He is a good boy.

Miss Boo has really excelled on the piano.  Actually, she is amazing.  Her sight reading is phenomenal.  Her teacher says she has never had a student that sight read like her.  In some ways it is her weakness as she relies on knowing and not practicing.  I told her to think about how amazing she would be is she spent time practicing and not just getting by.
She can actually sight read so well that she can play a song so good the first time that it is equal to an average student practicing for a week.  I wish I had her talent.

The pets are good.  Let me rephrase...the pets are the same.  Leaving lots of little piles of hair bunnies all over the house just so I can love them more.

Mr. Finn likes his job so that makes things a lot easier for us all.

We went to Arkansas over the weekend and I am always surprised by how beautiful it is.  If it wasn't for the fact that it is Arkansas, I would totally live there.
Oh!  A big one.  I went to New York with my sisters and cousin in September.  Way fun time!  We walked an average of ten miles a day and saw everything that we all wanted to see.  We avoided the subway system after the first trip on it.  Ewwww!  I really don't ever need to go back again.  Way too many people in that city, but such a cool experience to see it up close.  It looks so much bigger and cleaner on TV.  Ha!  There is scaffolding everywhere, so hard to see the buildings.  You don't see that in the movies!  I enjoyed the trip even though I felt like we were in a marathon.

I found out I have Plantar Fasciitis in both feet.  The doctor saw fit to inject both feet on the same day with cortisone shots.  Ouch!  I should have questioned it when I asked the Doctor if it hurt and he replied with, "A little, I think".  Seriously!  I have had the worst week with my feet since them.  They swelled up and they ached just for the sake of aching all week.  Today I finally have relief as long as I wear my orthotics.  Boy, I feel old.

A dear friend and her husband completed their mission to Ohio and dropped by on their way home.  Couldn't be more grateful for her in my life.