Friday, April 30, 2010

A foregone conclusion

We have all been sick in this house.  I usually manage to avoid it, afterall, I don't have time to be sick.  I am afraid when I get sick that the world will fall apart around me.  I am that important, you know.  But to my delight, I have a husband that fills in the gap quite nicely even when he is sick with Bronchitis.  The house was picked up, the children got their teeth brushed, scriptures read and prayers done.

I lay in bed most nights composing posts for my blog.  They are really creative, have great play on words and get me excited to blog.  Then I wake up in the morning and those feats of poetry are lost somewhere amongst my dreams of hanging out with Will Smith in one of those amazing action movies that you don't want to forget.  But alas...I have forgotten most of that as well.


I have to say it is not my favorite thing.  I used to love growing old as it meant I was growing wiser.  I realize now it is because my memory is fading of my inadequacies due to my advanced age.  Coupled with lack of sleep and illness and you have a recipe for that forgetful old woman that everyone silently laughs at because she says the funniest things.  And not because she is funny!

I also used to be strong, but my little boy has proven to me that I am not.   On the way to drop Miss Boo at school the other day I started prepping him for the eye drops he needs to have put in his eyes for pink eye.  It has been a battle that requires Mr. Finn to hold him down while I prop his eyes open to get that precious drop of antibiotic in.  He was doing his "I am not listening to you" thing so I went back to thinking about the day.

In a quiet voice from the back seat I hear...

"You're not strong enough!"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reading Time

When we were out in Arizona, The Dude loved spending time with his 
grandparents.  Grandma reading Monsters Inc. made him so happy.

I sometimes wish we were closer so they could spend 
more time with them, but we know this is 
where we are supposed to be for now 
and we are happy.  Our life
is good, albeit stressful,
but things could
always be 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another year older to all grown up

Miss Boo turned six while we were in Arizona for the funeral of my Aunt Carla.

She thinks we went just for her to spend it with her grandparents.
She told everyone at school that she was getting this 
special surprise for her birthday.
She loves her Grandparents a lot.

She found many ways to amuse herself in the train depot.
How many times have you touched a T-rex?
She even picked out her birthday cake all by herself, 
with Daddy's assistance, of course.
I messed it up when I slipped with the box.
She spent the day at the park with family.
And spent most of the rest of the trip sitting
on Grandpa's lap explaining the strategy 
of The Princess and the Frog
on Nintendo DS.
He was very attentive.
She is such a wonderful child.  Funny, strong willed, focused, affectionate,
energetic, sweet, interesting, smart, studious and playful.

She has been interesting in all aspects of her life.  She came
into this world full of fire and she hasn't changed
mode.  I don't ever worry about her falling
away from what she believes as she is
unflappable in her convictions.

I am blessed to be her Mother.
Grateful to be entrusted with
her care and hopeful
that I will do
her justice.

I love you Miss Boo.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What six looks like

Princess Boo has been bugging me for a haircut.

I thought she wanted the usual trim.
But, she sweetly looked into my eyes and said...
I want it like yours Mom!
How could I refuse her?
She looks so cute.
And apparently this is what 6 looks like.

The Dude just wants all the attention.
Because this is what being 4 is.
Without the haircut.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fare Thee Well

The saddest part of growing old is the loss of loved ones.

My Aunt Carla passed away Monday.

She was the favorite Aunt on my Dad's side.

She was so very kind.  I don't say that just because she has passed.  She truly cared about people and showed such kindness to everyone.  She always made me feel special.

I loved to visit her and listen to her stories.  And...

She would listen to me.  She was a great listener.  Didn't give advice just to give it.

When I was in grade school she was the cook for the cafeteria.  She made this homeade peanut butter that was amazing.  I would go to the door of the kitchen before school and she would give me a hot roll with this warm peanut butter on it.  Oh my!

It was heaven!

"Recipe is simply equal parts of peanut butter, honey or jelly and butter or margarine. Just mix till you get the right flavor.  Beware because once you taste it, you really will be transported back in time!

She was a great cook, a loving Aunt, wife and mother.  I have never heard her speak unkindly of anyone.  

I aspire to have some of her qualities.

She made me a better person.  I always wanted her to be proud of me.

I love you Aunt Carla.

You will be missed.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Father's Pride and Joy

This was an email Mr. Finn sent out to some of his friends.
I thought it was so sweet that I wanted to 
remember it forever and so 
I posted it here.
Hello All,
Today is a reminder for me that sometimes when we think we know what is best we are not so subtlely reminded how little we may actually know about ourselves. Today is my son's 4th birthday. He was born at 7:35 AM, which is funny because he is always up early. He is my second child, and that is the interesting point. For I had only wanted one child. I figured it would be all I could do to raise one. Boy would I have missed out. He is funny, he is usually gentle, kind and very loving, once he decides you can get to know him. His ability to get humor amazes me. He fills a part of our family I did not even know was missing. I often joke that he is just happy to be here. But I am the one who is truly grateful that he is here. For he has made me a better me than I would have been without him. So today is a holiday. A celebration of those things we wanted but didn't get and were better for it. Today is the Dude's birthday and I am so excited to be celebrating it. 

Have a great day I know I will.

PS. Over the weekend he and I had the chance to watch a movie, so I picked Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which he kept referring to it as Chimi Chonga and the Chocolate factory. I thought wow a movie with two of his favorite things chocolate and Mexican food!!!

My Baby is Four

Oh, how I love this little guy!
Happy Birthday Dude!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend Fun

The wait is the hardest.

But definitely worth the wait.
Easter Hunts are not complete without a firetruck to explore
Then off to the parade...
Some of my favorite things in the parade.
These rabbits are actually people.
Easter Morning
The hit of the presents was Mighty Beans and Moon Sand.  More so, the Beans.

Miss Boo watched some of Conference with me and colored 
the ties of the speakers on some worksheets.  
Maybe next year we will get some more time out of 
her.  She kept telling me after she had left to 
play for a while that I needed to rewind 
it so she could get the color
of everyone's ties.

The day was followed up by a hail storm.
To remind us that this day is not about the candy,
but is truly about the Savior
and his great atoning 
sacrifice for 
each of us.