Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another year older to all grown up

Miss Boo turned six while we were in Arizona for the funeral of my Aunt Carla.

She thinks we went just for her to spend it with her grandparents.
She told everyone at school that she was getting this 
special surprise for her birthday.
She loves her Grandparents a lot.

She found many ways to amuse herself in the train depot.
How many times have you touched a T-rex?
She even picked out her birthday cake all by herself, 
with Daddy's assistance, of course.
I messed it up when I slipped with the box.
She spent the day at the park with family.
And spent most of the rest of the trip sitting
on Grandpa's lap explaining the strategy 
of The Princess and the Frog
on Nintendo DS.
He was very attentive.
She is such a wonderful child.  Funny, strong willed, focused, affectionate,
energetic, sweet, interesting, smart, studious and playful.

She has been interesting in all aspects of her life.  She came
into this world full of fire and she hasn't changed
mode.  I don't ever worry about her falling
away from what she believes as she is
unflappable in her convictions.

I am blessed to be her Mother.
Grateful to be entrusted with
her care and hopeful
that I will do
her justice.

I love you Miss Boo.


Shannon said...

Happy 6th birthday to "Miss Boo" ! I love her cute haircut. And the butterfly cake! :)

Anonymous said...

Rose keeps me young at heart if not in body. She is bright beyond compare. How can I not love her after all she thinks I am the greatest fixer of thing the planet has ever known and she truely belives it. She is one of the Lord's most precious souls and I cherish her for that.
-Mr. Finn