Friday, April 30, 2010

A foregone conclusion

We have all been sick in this house.  I usually manage to avoid it, afterall, I don't have time to be sick.  I am afraid when I get sick that the world will fall apart around me.  I am that important, you know.  But to my delight, I have a husband that fills in the gap quite nicely even when he is sick with Bronchitis.  The house was picked up, the children got their teeth brushed, scriptures read and prayers done.

I lay in bed most nights composing posts for my blog.  They are really creative, have great play on words and get me excited to blog.  Then I wake up in the morning and those feats of poetry are lost somewhere amongst my dreams of hanging out with Will Smith in one of those amazing action movies that you don't want to forget.  But alas...I have forgotten most of that as well.


I have to say it is not my favorite thing.  I used to love growing old as it meant I was growing wiser.  I realize now it is because my memory is fading of my inadequacies due to my advanced age.  Coupled with lack of sleep and illness and you have a recipe for that forgetful old woman that everyone silently laughs at because she says the funniest things.  And not because she is funny!

I also used to be strong, but my little boy has proven to me that I am not.   On the way to drop Miss Boo at school the other day I started prepping him for the eye drops he needs to have put in his eyes for pink eye.  It has been a battle that requires Mr. Finn to hold him down while I prop his eyes open to get that precious drop of antibiotic in.  He was doing his "I am not listening to you" thing so I went back to thinking about the day.

In a quiet voice from the back seat I hear...

"You're not strong enough!"


Tamaratravel said...

Hahahaha..That ending was funny but your beginning is sad..It's not fun being sick..Wish everyone well..

Shannon said...

I have always liked the quote "Women are like tea bags; you don't know how strong they are until they are in hot water." I think the Dude might be surprised. :)

p.s. love the new look for your background!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that your roll in this Action movie with Will Smith was to sit in the passenger seat and tell him how to drive to catch the bad guys!!
-Mr. Finn

PS-Ryan is really strong I actually have to exert effort to hold him, and as my wife says I am freakishly strong.