Monday, February 6, 2017

Family Trip

The kids and I got to spend two weeks with my oldest daughter, Nyoka and my favorite grandchildren.  It was a lot of fun.  They live on a lake and it was beautiful.  Got to hang with the kiddos one on one and bake for them.  I miss doing those things for them.  

Westin is the baby and he spends quite a bit of time alone as the other kids are all older.  At this point they were 5, 9,10,11,12,13,14.  Boys are younger.  Works good for the kids as they have those their age and they all get along pretty well.  Such a blessing.

Maya got Miss Boo out one time only on the kayaks and it wasn't because of the hard work, it was the spider that made a home in the kayak and freaked her out because there was nowhere to go.  Her face pretty much says it all.  Ha Ha
She did try a smile for me but I knew it was a scared one.

I love that Maya and Miss Boo have a pretty tight friendship.  They just get each other and make each other laugh.  Sure love these girls.
This is my daughter Nyoka.  She makes me laugh.  Sure love her and grateful she is part of my life.  It's pretty cool to see how Heavenly Father works to create families.

And here is the worlds dirtiest dog, Rocky.  He drove me crazy, but he was kind of cute.
I am a little obsessed with Maya.  She is so quiet and introspective.  She can sit and be happy doing nothing but hanging her feet in the water.
These kids will play all day in the water if you let them.
Garrett has grown quite a bit in the last year.  He will talk to me and look me in the face.  Was the first one to give me a hug when we got there.  Sure melted this Nana's heart.

As I said kind of obsessed.
And this little boy... Ian.  So adorable and loves his Nana.  Not that they all don't, but he makes sure I know it all the time.  I love hearing him call me Nana.
Love that they play together.  Garrett, Ian, Ben (their Dad) and Konya.  Not sure why I don't have more pictures of her.
It was the fourth of July and I was proud of Miss Boo for not letting the bugs get to her.

My little dude wasn't having the best time.  It was not and lots of Michigan buts.  At least he was looking patriotic.  lol
Miss Boo was all about the sparklers this 4th.  She really had a good time.  

I love my grandkids.  This little boy is so sweet.
Have you ever asked yourself the question, What happens when you throw the dead christmas tree on the bonfire?  Absolutely spectacular.
First time ever that I watched fireworks in the trees by a lake.  It was pretty awesome.
I love nature in action.  Caught this out the window one morning.  Nothing like a blue Heron to make you appreciate life.
The Dude does so much better indoors.  Not ecstatically happy, but content.  Love this boy.
We had a good time visiting.  First time for us to stay longer than a couple of days.  I read a lot and cooked, and laughed and spent time with the part of my family that I don't half as much as I should.

So grateful for them.