Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Boo Hoo

This girl turned 11 this year.  I can't even believe that she can be this old.  I am a little sad.
She is so smart... smarter than she needs to be at times.   Seriously though, she is so much smarter than I could ever dream of being.  She is also extremely artsy.  She creates things constantly, you can see how her mind works.  Always writing at least two books at once and reading 3 or more at a time.  She is a sight reader on the piano and wants to take flute this year in school.
 She designed her birthday.  Every detail is from her imagination.

 Her favorite thing this year is Pokemon.  And it was the pokemon party to be at this year. They played Pokemon Jeopardy blown up on the wall like on the tv show.  They had a blast.

 She created Pokemon trading cards for each guest with their own photo and their favorite color.
 These kids are amazingly fun!  She is finding her nitch finally.  She has so much to offer.

 And that piƱata...her idea.  We couldn't find one so she gave me the task of making it.  Thank heavens for a friend, balloons, newspaper and plastic easter eggs.  That's one for the books for sure.
We love this girl.  She is truly amazing.  I am excited to see who she becomes in life.