Sunday, November 30, 2008

And there was SNOW...

I awoke this morning to beautiful snow everywhere.

So, I sent Rosey out for the paper.  Brrrrr

Which caused a wardrobe malfunction

Followed by Snow Angels...

And Snow Food...
and...Snow Balls.
What a great Snow Day!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let It Snow!

It has been snowing all day and I wish it would snow more!  As Mr. Finn told the missionaries tonight it is because I drive a Durango so it doesn't bother me.   The truth is that I love seeing everything covered in white, looking as if it is pure and clean.  It lifts me up for a bit.  I love this time of the year.

Even Ryan is in the Christmas mood.  He looked out the front window today to see the neighbors lights and informed me that our house needs some lights on it.  I told him to talk to Daddy, the official hanger of lights.  I have yet to have them on our home, but I have my fingers crossed that with enough peer pressure from his offspring he will cave in this year.  

Now, if the snow would only stick to the ground....hmmmm.

Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm Cured!

Who talked me into Midnight Madness (12-3 a.m.) shopping after enjoying a very wonderful and filling Thanksgiving dinner at the Summervilles?
Oh yeah!  ME!!!

I even talked Margarine (name changed to protect the innocent) into joining me for my little jaunt to town.  Boy, were we shocked to see over 3 thousand people (I say 3 thousand because I know it was more than I could count.  LOL) lined up for those $25 free gift certificates.  Did I really believe I could get one of those by leaving my house at 11 p.m.?  I am, after all, an eternal optimist, but I am not however, a very committed shopper, even for $25 of FREE MONEY!  Shocking, I know!

We did go to one store but were completely worn out and lacking adequate commitment we LEFT and went to BED, which I might add is somewhere I should have been at 10 p.m. instead of chasing the 

 Or, should I say MANIA!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We're Baaacccckkkkk!

Me and Aunt Lois
The whole gang going for a walk downtown
Great Grandma Rose and Rosey
Rosey enjoying the Ferry Ride
We've got our eye on you!
Ryan spent most of the plane ride watching movies

We are officially home from our 5 day marathon.  5 Flights, 3 Ferries, 1 Rental Car and 3 Hotels.  It was worth every minute of the trip.

Even...after almost being banned from flying with United Airlines!  Ever had one of those flights where the flight attendant is in a bad mood and you just happen to be on the wrong flight?  That was the 3rd leg of our flights on Thursday.  Nothing like being greeted by United Security after exiting the plane to determine if you are a flight 1 security risk because you didn't jump fast enough when barked at on the plane.  I will spare the details but will never fly with UNITED again!!!

The children were completely amazing on the entire trip.  Hard to believe they were our children, I swear they were abducted by aliens!  Actually they enjoyed the traveling so much that they may be hooked for life.  It was Ryan's first experience in a plane or a boat and he did wonderfully, so excited by every new thing.  His enthusiasm was contagious.

We were able to enjoy two complete days with my Grandma Rose and the children's Grandma Lois.  The kids warmed up immediately to our amazement and were able to enjoy playing with them.  From playtime at McDonalds to walks in downtown Victoria, it was the most wonderful time we have had all year.  We were even able to see the Santa Claus Parade.  It was amazing with so many lights, completely beats a 4th of July Parade.  Ryan's eyes were the size of saucers, he didn't utter a peep the entire time, but was bouncing with excitement on Grandma Lois' legs.  Rosey wasn't as thrilled!  Her comment was that is wasn't fun and wanted to go back to the Hotel.  Might have been that it was pretty chilly and she isn't a fan of the cold unless she is  making snow angels.

Visits with the Grandma's was fun for all of us.  I truly have the most wonderful Grandmother, that turned 87 on the 17th and you wouldn't know it.  I hope I look half as good!  My Aunt Lois is another story, she is so much fun!  I wish she lived closer so she could be in the children's lives more.  It would be a blessing to them!  Maybe she will have to come for long visits?!  Ryan already misses his Gandma.

I was able to visit with my friend Sandy at her home on Monday morning.  She threw a Breakfast Potluck in my honor.  You rock Sandy!  Some of my friends from the ward that attended were:  Karey, Joy, Helen, Carol and of course, Sally!  Thanks everyone for coming.  It was so good to visit with good friends.  And...I was so busy yakking with everyone that I forgot to take pictures.  So sad!

We were able to drive by our first home in Lynnwood and show Rosey where her first home was, she wasn't thrilled in any way, but what do you expect.  She didn't even want  to see where she was born.  Is it more exciting for us "OLD" folks!?

We got home late, and I mean late Monday night.  We didn't even wake up until late and I mean late on Tuesday.  I haven't done that since I was YOUNG and I mean really young!  LOL

The trip was too short, but it was all we could do at this time and it was worth every bit of exhaustion it took to pull it off.  I am so blessed with family and friends that make my/our life richer and fuller.  

Thank you to all that made us feel so welcome and special.  
We love you!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh! Canada

We are preparing to embark upon Ryan's first trip to Canada, although he will only acknowledge that he is going to fly in an airplane.  That part has his undivided attention.

I can't believe how much stuff it takes to be gone for 5 days with only two children.  And, with the airlines charging for baggage we are being creative in our packing.  Mr. Finn scrounged up an army duffle bag in which we will fit clothing for 4 and two booster seats while maintaining the entire weight under 40 pounds to keep the airline happy.  Or, maybe that is us happy because we don't have to pay for a second bag which is more expensive than the first one.  YIKES!  AIRLINES!

At least it will be the trip of a lifetime for the children.  They are so anxious to go and see Grandma Lois and Great Grandma Rose.  I'm sure they will be terribly spoiled, which is great for starting off the holiday season.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Rachel tagged me - thanks for taking me away from packing!! :-)

Eight things I am passionate about: 
Raising polite and responsible children
Taking pictures of my children's lives 
Safety of my family 
Getting my year supply 
Having a better relationship with Mr. Finn
Having a cleaner house 

Eight words or phrases I use the most: 
Stop fighting!
Are you kidding me?
No Hitting!
What's up with that?
I love you 
Be Nice!

Eight things I want to do before I die: 
Go to Paris
Move back to Washington State 
Be able to see without glasses
Move to the country
Get a degree 
Do geneology
See all my children graduate from college
See Ryan serve a mission
Eight things I need right now: 
Mr. Finn back home safe
A clean house
Get suitcase packed for trip to Canada
Bed made

Eight places I want to visit: 
Sacred Grove (Church History Tour)
Adam-on-di-ohman (again, I love this place)
Florida (again) 
New York
Chicago Cubs (Wrigley Field)
Disney World (take the kids)

Eight favorite restaurants: 
Mimi's Cafe
Famous Dave's BBQ
Olive Garden
PF Changs
Red Robin
Mandarin House 

Eight TV shows I watch: 
Eli Stone
Kitchen Nightmares
Ugly Betty

I tag Marcie and Nyoka!

Monday, November 17, 2008

School Days

School Picture!  What parent doesn't look forward to this glorious time of the year when you are asked to shell out good money for a picture that you won't be allowed to see until it is printed and handed to your child at school, knowing that your child is going to be SUPER offended if you don't think it is the best one ever?!

I had an email conversation a month ago about Rosey's picture, it goes as follows:

> On 10/20/08 5:09 PM, "Lavonne Pappert" wrote:

> > I wanted to tell you that Rosey would not get her

> picture taken. No problem. I

> > instead waited for her to smile during the group shot

> and the photographer

> > singled in on her.  He spent quite a bit of time

> cropping, and it looks great.

> > You might want to order some.

> > 

> > Thanks

> > P
> Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2008, 4:28 PM

> Thanks.  I know she is hard to photograph.  It didn't

> help that she was having one of those days that day and 

> I completely forgot in the midst of it all and didn't 

> prepare her or dress her accordingly.  I appreciate   

> you always trying to make sure hers turns out well.  We 

> treasure her photo from last year as it is 

> truly Rosey and I wouldn't have enjoyed it half as much

> if she was smiling and enjoying it.

> Thanks,

> Robin

> >You just made me laugh out loud. 

> >P

Did I mention how much I enjoy Rosey's picture.  I love it, as always!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good Day?

Ryan eats BIG pancake at Country Cookin Cafe
We wait in car at Staples for Mr. Finn
Ryan misses Daddy, needs consoling
  Rosey fakes sleep out of boredom

Mr. Finn talks me into teaching Gospel Doctrine class tomorrow because he is sick.  YIKES!  I spend all night preparing.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cleanup! Cleanup!

Everybody, Everywhere!  Do your part and do your share and 
Cleanup, Cleanup, Cleanup!

We have been slogging through the mounds of toys that have found their way into the family room.  It makes one wonder if  TOY STORY  is based on a "true story"?  

Only so many made the cut this go around.  Good luck next time!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Stacey

Just a little late! I am sorry my friend.

            HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

                    and many more.

This morning I was a Good Mommy!  Ryan ate white chocolate chips and Rosey had chocolate ice cream.  Sometimes it's more important to have peace on earth and today was one of those days. 

I hope they don't expect it tomorrow because I am going back to being a Mean Mommy.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


While talking to a friend in her sunlit dining room, Ryan was fascinated with the dust particles that you can see in the direct sun.   

"Do you see the Fireflies Mommy?"  he asked.  

I wish I could always see fireflies in the dust and dance by the light of the moon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sore Loser

I just read my friend Rachel's blog where she states she is a sore loser.  Well, then so am I!   I have felt for quite a while that there wasn't any way of stopping what is coming, but it didn't stop me from voting for the "right guy".    Ralph told me that McCain gave a very eloquent concession speech, which isn't a surprise as he is a very decent human being.

This was my first year voting for the President of the United States since becoming a U.S. Citizen.  They told me I couldn't take a picture, but my friend Margarine (name changed to protect the innocent) found a way to sneak one in.  Looks like I am up to NO GOOD, actually I was having the time of my life.  Who would have thought voting would be so much FUN?!

BTW I did a "write in" for Ralph as Deputy Commissioner.  I most certainly wasn't voting for the "other guy".  Might as well get his political career started now that he has an american wife.  LOL

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spider Dance

My kids were so funny dancing in the laundry room and I got lucky enough to catch it.

My Spot!

I was awakened at 1:30 a.m. to "Get outta my Bot!"  

Excuse me, what are you talking about?  I ask through my sleepy haze.

You're in my Bot!  Get out of it!  

So, I decide it is easier to move and get my darling little boy back to sleep.  He has been sick and I am a big ole softy.  Besides, I feel if he is close I can protect him!?  

I lay down with the false sense of security in knowing that I have done the right thing.

Two Minutes Later

Get outta my bot.  You are in my bace.  Get outta my Bed.

See where my rational thinking got me?  He wasn't even awake!  Didn't matter where I moved it was WRONG.  

I get up for a couple of minutes until he calms down and then take him back to his bed so I can sleep in my SPOT which is now wet from his sweat.  I don't mind!

Monday, November 3, 2008

So Long, Farewell

O.k.  so I told myself I wouldn't cry...and I didn't while they were here.  But, watching them drive off down the street I shed a few tears.

I remember a day many years ago when I felt the same kind of emotion as I watched her walk down to her airplane to serve a mission in Guatemala.  I was so proud of her and yet I knew how much I would miss her.

I am still so proud of her and yet will miss her.  She is my daughter and with that comes the pangs of sadness, the joys of happiness, the laughter at silliness and yes, sometimes the irritation at the smallest things.  I realized as she left today that she is grown up!  I have always known that, but to see your daughter as a Mother and a Wife is something of an emotion that unless you experience it personally, you can never quite describe.

Not too mention, it makes me feel really OLD.  She loves to point out that fact.  Thanks Kiddo!

Anyways, the newsflash is that Ben is home from Kuwait and they will be stationed in Colorado Springs for the next 3 years.  Yeah!  They will be safe and happy in their family unit.  What more could we ask for? 

Ben brought me a beautiful shawl from Kuwait and Ralph one of those "Man Dresses".  For our amusement we made him put it on, but he refused a picture, of course!

Sunday, November 2, 2008