Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh! Canada

We are preparing to embark upon Ryan's first trip to Canada, although he will only acknowledge that he is going to fly in an airplane.  That part has his undivided attention.

I can't believe how much stuff it takes to be gone for 5 days with only two children.  And, with the airlines charging for baggage we are being creative in our packing.  Mr. Finn scrounged up an army duffle bag in which we will fit clothing for 4 and two booster seats while maintaining the entire weight under 40 pounds to keep the airline happy.  Or, maybe that is us happy because we don't have to pay for a second bag which is more expensive than the first one.  YIKES!  AIRLINES!

At least it will be the trip of a lifetime for the children.  They are so anxious to go and see Grandma Lois and Great Grandma Rose.  I'm sure they will be terribly spoiled, which is great for starting off the holiday season.


Margaret said...

Give Aunt Lois hellos and hugs from us please. We still remember her plant which thrived for years before we gave it to a friend when we left on our missions. I understand it's still thriving.

Williamson Fam said...

Hope you have a fabulous time!

Shannon said...

Have a fun trip! Grandmas are the best. :)