Monday, November 3, 2008

So Long, Farewell

O.k.  so I told myself I wouldn't cry...and I didn't while they were here.  But, watching them drive off down the street I shed a few tears.

I remember a day many years ago when I felt the same kind of emotion as I watched her walk down to her airplane to serve a mission in Guatemala.  I was so proud of her and yet I knew how much I would miss her.

I am still so proud of her and yet will miss her.  She is my daughter and with that comes the pangs of sadness, the joys of happiness, the laughter at silliness and yes, sometimes the irritation at the smallest things.  I realized as she left today that she is grown up!  I have always known that, but to see your daughter as a Mother and a Wife is something of an emotion that unless you experience it personally, you can never quite describe.

Not too mention, it makes me feel really OLD.  She loves to point out that fact.  Thanks Kiddo!

Anyways, the newsflash is that Ben is home from Kuwait and they will be stationed in Colorado Springs for the next 3 years.  Yeah!  They will be safe and happy in their family unit.  What more could we ask for? 

Ben brought me a beautiful shawl from Kuwait and Ralph one of those "Man Dresses".  For our amusement we made him put it on, but he refused a picture, of course!


Tamaratravel said...

you are only nine hours problem..hah...road trip anyone???

by the way I learn from the best on the design of my

Shannon said...

What a beautiful family. Congrats on having everyone home, safe. And I love your new background!