Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We're Baaacccckkkkk!

Me and Aunt Lois
The whole gang going for a walk downtown
Great Grandma Rose and Rosey
Rosey enjoying the Ferry Ride
We've got our eye on you!
Ryan spent most of the plane ride watching movies

We are officially home from our 5 day marathon.  5 Flights, 3 Ferries, 1 Rental Car and 3 Hotels.  It was worth every minute of the trip.

Even...after almost being banned from flying with United Airlines!  Ever had one of those flights where the flight attendant is in a bad mood and you just happen to be on the wrong flight?  That was the 3rd leg of our flights on Thursday.  Nothing like being greeted by United Security after exiting the plane to determine if you are a flight 1 security risk because you didn't jump fast enough when barked at on the plane.  I will spare the details but will never fly with UNITED again!!!

The children were completely amazing on the entire trip.  Hard to believe they were our children, I swear they were abducted by aliens!  Actually they enjoyed the traveling so much that they may be hooked for life.  It was Ryan's first experience in a plane or a boat and he did wonderfully, so excited by every new thing.  His enthusiasm was contagious.

We were able to enjoy two complete days with my Grandma Rose and the children's Grandma Lois.  The kids warmed up immediately to our amazement and were able to enjoy playing with them.  From playtime at McDonalds to walks in downtown Victoria, it was the most wonderful time we have had all year.  We were even able to see the Santa Claus Parade.  It was amazing with so many lights, completely beats a 4th of July Parade.  Ryan's eyes were the size of saucers, he didn't utter a peep the entire time, but was bouncing with excitement on Grandma Lois' legs.  Rosey wasn't as thrilled!  Her comment was that is wasn't fun and wanted to go back to the Hotel.  Might have been that it was pretty chilly and she isn't a fan of the cold unless she is  making snow angels.

Visits with the Grandma's was fun for all of us.  I truly have the most wonderful Grandmother, that turned 87 on the 17th and you wouldn't know it.  I hope I look half as good!  My Aunt Lois is another story, she is so much fun!  I wish she lived closer so she could be in the children's lives more.  It would be a blessing to them!  Maybe she will have to come for long visits?!  Ryan already misses his Gandma.

I was able to visit with my friend Sandy at her home on Monday morning.  She threw a Breakfast Potluck in my honor.  You rock Sandy!  Some of my friends from the ward that attended were:  Karey, Joy, Helen, Carol and of course, Sally!  Thanks everyone for coming.  It was so good to visit with good friends.  And...I was so busy yakking with everyone that I forgot to take pictures.  So sad!

We were able to drive by our first home in Lynnwood and show Rosey where her first home was, she wasn't thrilled in any way, but what do you expect.  She didn't even want  to see where she was born.  Is it more exciting for us "OLD" folks!?

We got home late, and I mean late Monday night.  We didn't even wake up until late and I mean late on Tuesday.  I haven't done that since I was YOUNG and I mean really young!  LOL

The trip was too short, but it was all we could do at this time and it was worth every bit of exhaustion it took to pull it off.  I am so blessed with family and friends that make my/our life richer and fuller.  

Thank you to all that made us feel so welcome and special.  
We love you!


Shannon said...

Robin, I had to laugh reading about your airplane incident... if I remember correctly, this wasn't the first time you had a run in with security! What do you say to those people?!? :)
Glad you had such a good time. I can just see the love emanating between Rosey and her great-grandma in the one picture. I envy you the time with your grandma.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tamaratravel said...

was it your mouth that got you in trouble....I'm so bummed I couldn't see you..I guess this means I have to come to you....Kids looked like they had a blast....

The White House said...

Glad to have you back. You are really brave doing that with your kids. And I have to say you look alot like your aunt.

Margaret said...

I'm with Rosey about the cold. What good kids! It's fun to see the pictures.