Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas 2016

When we got home from Dad's funeral on Saturday night, I knew I was never going to pull of Christmas, so my dear friend Soraya came to save the day.  She flew in Sunday and helped me get the tree decorated and the house put together.  She also helped put me together before she left as I was an emotional mess still.
 When we weren't preparing the house, we took a factory tour on how to make sausage.  Those hair nets do nothing for facial recognition or quite frankly, anything else!
 The tree turned out beautiful.  I told you she was a beauty.
 The kids aren't so much into pictures anymore.  This was the only one I was allowed and it's not the best.
 The cat, on the other hand, seemed ok with it.  After all, it was her job to mess with all the presents first.
 For some reason I feel the need to photograph Mr. Finn sideways.  Hmmmm.  I bet Freud would have a hay day with that.  He got what he wanted and was happy.
 But sadly, our beautiful, perfect tree had died while we were in Arizona and Christmas day it became evident that it had to come down immediately as it was a serious fire risk.

So Sad!

We enjoyed our quiet Christmas.  We gave the kids experiences this year versus presents.  They were too thrilled at first but got behind it later.  I feel they have so much stuff and it only holds their attention for a brief period of time.  This way they have an experience and can hold the memory forever.  They will be going to a parachute/fly school.  I am envious for sure.  They also got gift cards to Dave and Busters so they could get their electronic fix and leave it there.

I hope it was a Merry and insightful Christmas for all.

Tree Hunting

I feel like I need to lighten things up and share some of the good that happened during all the sadness...

Mr. Finn loves to go to Tree Farms.  I am the practical one and am good with picking it up at Costco. But this year I vowed I was going to let him have that joy.  I am not always good at that...

 Although we did not go out and cut it down, we did hunt through the ones they had already chopped down recently.  It seemed like a good start.

 We found the perfect tree.  A black hills spruce.  I was almost giddy.  We had blue spruces growing up and this seemed the closest to that.  It's all about the memory, right?

 This little guy was so deflated when his Dad told him he couldn't run through the trees.  I know Mr. Finn was just being cautious (overly) that one would fall on him and he could get hurt, but his feelings were hurt.  I felt so bad for him.  Couldn't even get him to run with me through them after that.

 Our gorgeous tree on the way to getting pretty to come home.

 We love Fulk's Tree Farm, they have the most interesting decorations.  Miss Boo thought this was the best.

 Isn't she a beaut?

 Not me!  The Dude took this picture of me.  I don't love my own pictures but am trying to make sure that there are some for the memory books.
Then my girl took this one of me and this scrumptious boy.

It was a fun day!  I have to admit it...we will do it again next year.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Once again...

Betty has been a part of our lives for the past several years.  She joined the church a couple years ago and Mr. Finn became her home teacher.  I started driving her to church a year ago when her visiting teacher moved.  It became the best part of my week.  She shared so much with me and showed me how to be happy in all times.  She was truly an angel in this life.

We grew to love her and were blessed to be part of her temple endowments and her sealing to her husband in the temple.  She felt a rush to get these things done and two months after doing the last of her work she passed away.  I talked to her the night before she passed and when she said she wasn't sure why she was still here.  I asked her if she had finished all she was meant to do in this life, to which she responded, "I have no secrets from God and I am ready".

We are blessed to have known her and she will be missed.  We love you Betty.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Another sad goodbye

We hear stories of spouses that pass away with hours, weeks, or months of each other because of profound loss and we think of it in a tender loving way.

Denny, one of my dad's closest friends passed away three weeks after my father.  He came to the funeral although he wasn't feeling well.   Problems with his colon he said.  He was to give the eulogy but didn't feel well enough to do it, so I was tasked with that honor.  Well, Gretchen and I.  I wasn't doing that alone.

He told me at the funeral how much he loved Dad and how hard it was for him.  I don't remember life growing up without Denny in it.  Mr. Finn says I never talked about him, maybe it's because he was just part of my life then.  Donna (my mother) didn't like him so he wasn't able to be around as much as he would've liked.  Dad and him would just take off...probably headed to see some car that was super awesome.  They were total car geeks.

He also took me aside and told me how I was the apple of my Dad's eye.  I sure haven't felt that way, for sure.  He said he talked about me all the time and what I was he was proud of me.  I sure wish he would have said those things to me himself, but I guess it's ok that at least I got to hear them.

Denny was also partly responsible for my daughter, Nyoka marrying Ben.  When Nyoka returned from her mission, I happened to be at Dad's when Denny was there.  He said she was welcome to come work for him at Anasazi.  He only hired return missionaries and was sure she would do a great job.  She ended up taking the job...long story for another time...and met Ben.  First boy she ever brought home for me to meet.

I love that he has always been so humble about it.  Such a good man with a good wife.  Sure do love them both.

I will miss him and his latest venture.  With Denny, it was always something.

Faces to remember

 My sisters Erika and Gretchen
 Sweet Miss Boo and her Grandma.
 Delightful Dude and his Grandma.
 Nadra (Ma) and Cousin Betty Jane.
 Cousin Milton Nelson
 Nephew Devon, brother Cory with his two boys, nephew Shae and niece Cherika
 MomE and Denny Ence. (one of Dad's closest friends(
Cousins: Debbie, daughter stacey, Robbie, and Julie.  Bubba (Gary) and his son are on the end.
 Bubba (Gary Hill) or as I call him, "Garbear"
 Rob and Trina Hill
 Cousin Buzz Keno and me
 Cousins Robbie, Stacey and Debbie
 Goofballs.  Definitely an inside joke.  May share it someday.  Gretchen, MomE, Erika and Joy (cousin)