Monday, January 2, 2017

Faces to remember

 My sisters Erika and Gretchen
 Sweet Miss Boo and her Grandma.
 Delightful Dude and his Grandma.
 Nadra (Ma) and Cousin Betty Jane.
 Cousin Milton Nelson
 Nephew Devon, brother Cory with his two boys, nephew Shae and niece Cherika
 MomE and Denny Ence. (one of Dad's closest friends(
Cousins: Debbie, daughter stacey, Robbie, and Julie.  Bubba (Gary) and his son are on the end.
 Bubba (Gary Hill) or as I call him, "Garbear"
 Rob and Trina Hill
 Cousin Buzz Keno and me
 Cousins Robbie, Stacey and Debbie
 Goofballs.  Definitely an inside joke.  May share it someday.  Gretchen, MomE, Erika and Joy (cousin)

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Shannon said...

Funerals are such a mix of sadness and joy - the memories, seeing friends and family that you normally don't spend time with, coming to terms with loss. It looks like you have a great support system.