Friday, January 20, 2017

Once again...

Betty has been a part of our lives for the past several years.  She joined the church a couple years ago and Mr. Finn became her home teacher.  I started driving her to church a year ago when her visiting teacher moved.  It became the best part of my week.  She shared so much with me and showed me how to be happy in all times.  She was truly an angel in this life.

We grew to love her and were blessed to be part of her temple endowments and her sealing to her husband in the temple.  She felt a rush to get these things done and two months after doing the last of her work she passed away.  I talked to her the night before she passed and when she said she wasn't sure why she was still here.  I asked her if she had finished all she was meant to do in this life, to which she responded, "I have no secrets from God and I am ready".

We are blessed to have known her and she will be missed.  We love you Betty.

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Shannon said...

What a wonderful way to greet Heavenly Father and the Savior - "I have no secrets from God and I am ready" - I love that! I am sorry for your loss, friend.