Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas 2016

When we got home from Dad's funeral on Saturday night, I knew I was never going to pull of Christmas, so my dear friend Soraya came to save the day.  She flew in Sunday and helped me get the tree decorated and the house put together.  She also helped put me together before she left as I was an emotional mess still.
 When we weren't preparing the house, we took a factory tour on how to make sausage.  Those hair nets do nothing for facial recognition or quite frankly, anything else!
 The tree turned out beautiful.  I told you she was a beauty.
 The kids aren't so much into pictures anymore.  This was the only one I was allowed and it's not the best.
 The cat, on the other hand, seemed ok with it.  After all, it was her job to mess with all the presents first.
 For some reason I feel the need to photograph Mr. Finn sideways.  Hmmmm.  I bet Freud would have a hay day with that.  He got what he wanted and was happy.
 But sadly, our beautiful, perfect tree had died while we were in Arizona and Christmas day it became evident that it had to come down immediately as it was a serious fire risk.

So Sad!

We enjoyed our quiet Christmas.  We gave the kids experiences this year versus presents.  They were too thrilled at first but got behind it later.  I feel they have so much stuff and it only holds their attention for a brief period of time.  This way they have an experience and can hold the memory forever.  They will be going to a parachute/fly school.  I am envious for sure.  They also got gift cards to Dave and Busters so they could get their electronic fix and leave it there.

I hope it was a Merry and insightful Christmas for all.

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Shannon said...

What a dear friend, to fly in and help you like that! And your Christmas sounds lovely. I'm leaning increasingly towards the experience gifts too.