Sunday, December 4, 2016

Just gone

It doesn't seem possible that he is truly gone.

He just got his eyes fixed and was so excited he could see again...and then his hearing went.

Who will I call and yell into the phone to every week?

I know his health was bad and was getting worse.  He is in a better place.  No more pain.  No more meds...the addiction is over for him.

What I am realizing this morning is that "forgiveness" is relative.  It's easier to finally let everything go when they aren't around.  The good memories seem to crowd out the bad...I am grateful for that.

I am going to miss him.  After all we have been through, he is still my Dad and I love him.

That won't change.

We love you Dad, Grandpa Gary, Bruce, Wally.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Visits Galore

 What a fun year this has been.  Visiting with friends and family has been my most favorite part of it. Jen moved way too many years ago and since we were up visiting Nyoka and the family, we dropped by for a visit on our way home.
 Ms. Boo and Elise have been friends since they were in pre-k.  I can't believe how they have grown up.  Glad they get to see each other once in a while.

 And there is our Morgan.  Part of our family in her own right.  She totally grew on us.  Started out as a foul mouthed young woman when I was an advisor while pregnant with the Dude.  Look at her now, graduated from college and her first real job as an adult.  We love her.

 Miss Boo and I had fun hanging out with Mark Twain in Parkville one day.  Gave us some time to laugh and enjoy each other.
 When my amazing Aunt Lois came we got the tour of the sausage factory by Mr. Finn.
 Then we went to a street fair.  She talked me into getting my face done but notice hers stayed clean.  Hmmmm!
 I have made some new friends this year.  Most of my other ones moved away.  (insert sad face here). Cinda has included me in her literary world, she's kind of my book dealer.  LOL  Her sister, Laura, the one in the middle invited me to be part of her birthday lunch eating Sushi. So grateful for friends.
 As I said it was a great year for visits.  Rob and Katrina came to see their first grand baby so I got to hang out with him and even hold that baby for a bit.  Sure do love these two.
 I haven't seen Holly since I lived in Alaska in 1991.  What a lifesaver she was then...what a dear friend she has remained.  She was in town to help her sister with a wedding.  Bonus for me.
 Lydia is my cousin from my Uncle Eldon.  It's been about 7 years since they passed through last time.  Love that she will call me to meet here wherever they are so we can catch up.

I am feeling very blessed this year with all the visits of people I love.  So grateful.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This little girl...

This is McBud.  Can you believe it?

Yesterday we went to see the movie "Dr. Strange" and I turned sideways to say something to her and had to readjust my head because she was visibly taller.

What is happening?  She turned 12 this year.  She is so grown up in so many ways.  But in many she is still a little girl.  At least to me she is.

She likes to spend time with her friend Jaegar from school. Mr. Finn took them to a baseball game to watch the Royals and they got amazing seats up close.  She loved that she was the talk of school the next day.

 She has started coming into her own this year.  She wrote the play for composting at her school and played a part in it.  It's fun to see her so animated and enjoying herself.

She is making friends easier...

And trying new things.  The pained look is because there was a spider in the kayak with her and she was freaking out.
We have a ways to go but I see an amazing girl that continues to surprise me.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Once in a while I find these nuggets of gold in my photo file.

Thank you, my son, for giving me that "melt your heart feeling" this morning.

I would love to say the cat is sweet, but we all know differently.  She tricked us into coming home with us from the shelter.  Sweet?

Not so much.

But the boy loves her...

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Welcome Visitor

Everyone knows how much I love my Aunt.  She is one of my dearest friends and my favorite Aunt. We talk at least once weekly and a minimum of one hour at a time.  I really couldn't imagine life without her in it.  She is also the grandmother of my sweet kiddos.  A job she took on willingly and that has blessed the lives of our children.

She came to visit us right before Mr. Finn and my birthday on September 5th.  She stayed for three weeks and was so much fun to run to Bee Creek every morning after dropping off the kids at school for a "Fluffy".  (that's what they named their Mormon hot cocoa)
 My kids adore her!  She is so full of love and ENERGY.  How does one get to 70 years old and still be running around with such energy.  I struggle at 49  to motivate myself to put on clothes for the day.
I have a "To Do" list that is always on my kitchen counter.  Many mornings I pretend it isn't there but she always found it and would suggest we check something off it.  Sadly there was always a good amount of work that went before the checking off part, but she was fun to work with and if she could work that hard, well, I certainly could to.  Thank you my sweet Aunt for pushing me along and for making it such a wonderful time.

Many decision were made, many things were fixed and furniture was bought during her visit.  And not to mention she bought me a shirt and sweater that are my favorite and I hardly wear anything else these days.  Thank you again.

I love you.