Thursday, June 1, 2017

Feline Mania

Heaven help us but we have added another animal to this household.  Have I lost my mind?  Well, that's possible.  With menopause raging through my body and mind, it's entirely possible.

I never meant to add to our animal population.  I was rather hoping that when the kids left the house, the animals will have departed or would be soon departing around the same time.  No such luck now.

Meat Macchi (short for macchiato) and he is a whopping 1 year old.  Yep!!!  One whole year old.
Rose (Miss Boo) needs an enormous amount of affection.  We got our original cat for that purpose to quickly realize that we had been bamboozled by this cat.  She pretended to be sweet and lovable at the shelter but the minute we brought her home and she realized she would be the Queen of this castle, she promptly became Queen Victoria.  And she acts accordingly. 
She looks so sweet, but don't let that fool you.  She is MEAN!  I am not kidding.  She lures you in with her sweet purrs and that adorable face, but the moment you are petting her and thinking how sweet she is.  Bam!  Out come those claws and teeth.  Beware as they can take out any part of your face or body.  Miss Boo almost lost and eye to that precious face.  She got the eyelid and we almost had to take her to the ER because we weren't sure if she had cut through the eyelid with her glorious claw.
Now, this guy...completely different story.  They minute you start petting him he rolls over to have his belly rubbed...kind of like a dog.  You would think he is one except for his need to climb and jump on every single thing we have in this house.  Even picture frames.  There is no stopping him.  But with that face....You're forgiven.

But, the Queen does not want this dog cat thing living here.  The picture below sums it up.  She is slightly evil and tries to keep him in Miss Boo's room with her growling and hissing and ofttimes spitting.  She has no manners at all.

We are not surprised.  After all, she did trick us into bringing her home.  I hear her malevolent laughter in the form of a hiss, somewhere in this house, mocking me.
At least the dog is happy to have another creature in this house that doesn't terrify him.  But that poor dog has incurred the wrath of the Queen by his very acceptance of the new cat.  Our apologies Palmer but at least you have a friend now.

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Shannon said...

You are a kind momma! And maybe the "queen" needs to go to finishing school so she can learn to act like a lady ;)