Thursday, April 14, 2016

Never grow up...

I am losing the battle.  How did ten years go by so quickly?  This year was especially tough on me for some reason.  I was so emotional all day and wanted to spend every second soaking up what is left of the little boy he is.
Mr. Finn and I ate lunch with him at school and even though I didn't tell Mr. Finn, I snuck him out of school and went for ice cream so he could have his favorite flavor of Cotton Candy.  And, mainly because I needed to be with him.
I love being his Mom.  He is the most charming, sweet boy in the world.  I am prejudiced because he is mine and I love him.  I am grateful for this gift that brings such joy and laughter to our home.

Happy 10th Birthday Buckwheat Jones, Rye Bread, Rhyner, Bug, my Little Man--our Dude!