Thursday, April 14, 2016

Never grow up...

I am losing the battle.  How did ten years go by so quickly?  This year was especially tough on me for some reason.  I was so emotional all day and wanted to spend every second soaking up what is left of the little boy he is.
Mr. Finn and I ate lunch with him at school and even though I didn't tell Mr. Finn, I snuck him out of school and went for ice cream so he could have his favorite flavor of Cotton Candy.  And, mainly because I needed to be with him.
I love being his Mom.  He is the most charming, sweet boy in the world.  I am prejudiced because he is mine and I love him.  I am grateful for this gift that brings such joy and laughter to our home.

Happy 10th Birthday Buckwheat Jones, Rye Bread, Rhyner, Bug, my Little Man--our Dude!

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Shannon said...

Aw, ten is such a great age! I remember feeling very sentimental when each of my kiddos hit that landmark, too. No more single digit birthdays! It sounds like you celebrated in grand fashion. Cotton Candy has always been Joe's favorite flavor, too :)