Monday, August 8, 2016

In memorium

As I was looking for a blog post that a friend of mine requested, I realized something.

         I stink at writing lately.

It's true.  Sometimes life gets me to a point where I don't want to share my sadness or frustration.  But today, thanks to a friend and reading the post she was looking for, that I started this blog to find the good in my life daily.  Mr. Finn bought me a camera years ago so I could find something to capture the good in that day.  The camera is dusty and my typing skills are atrocious.  My muscles have atrophied.


Let's see if I can start finding the golden nuggets of my day to share with you and with my children.  They are there...sometimes they are covered in yucky stuff we need to clean 'em off so they shine.

Or as my grandmother would say... "spit shine it up, it'll be good as new".

Speaking of my Grandmother, I went to her memorial in Canada a couple of months ago.  I didn't feel the impact of her death until she wasn't there when I came out of the airport doors.  She has always been the one waiting, along with my Aunt Lois.  This time it was my Uncle David and Aunt Capryce.  I'm not begrudging them picking me up. I adore my Uncle and it gave us several hours to talk in the middle of the night as Capryce slept in the back seat. I really enjoy him.

It just felt like something grand was missing.  She was everyone.  What a beautiful memorial with my family.  It's hard to believe it has been 10-15 years since we have all been together, but it felt like yesterday.  So much laughter and love.

Grandma would have loved that. And she would have loved this moment as much as I do.
I am blessed to have these two knuckleheads as cousins.  Sure do love them.

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Shannon said...

I'm so glad that your grandmothers memorial was a time of shared memories and laughter.
And so thrilled to see you back here! The reasons you mentioned - focusing on the positive - are exactly why I blog. There seems to be a huge backlash against sharing the happiest moments on media, but I do it to remind myself how very, very blessed I am. So cheers for polishing those nuggets and sharing them!