Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Black-eyed Dude!

It seems as if The Dude will always have a "boo boo" on his head area at all times. I guess when your top half is the greater mass, it stands to reason.

We have been warning him about standing or sitting on the arm of the couch. Kept telling him he was going to bonk his head. Boy did he ever! Off he went into the cabinet next to the couch. His brow swelled up over his eye giving him that shrouded neanderthal look. He got really upset that I was calling him a "Neanderfal". After all, he is only a Dude according to him.

Friday, July 25, 2008

We are Family!

I finally gave in!!! This is the official Finn Family Web Page and I will attempt to make it interesting. If anything it will keep people from asking when am I going to do a blog.

We are a family of four. Mr. Finn, ME, Miss Boo and The Dude. The kids are 4 and 2 and keep us busy and a bit crazy at times. We are enjoying the summer and awaiting the new school year where Miss Boo will go to 3 day Preschool, but don't tell her it is preschool, she will only acknowledge that she goes to school like all the other kids. The Dude is looking forward to having 3 boring days with Mommy and no Miss Boo induced Boo Boos.