Monday, January 2, 2017

Another sad goodbye

We hear stories of spouses that pass away with hours, weeks, or months of each other because of profound loss and we think of it in a tender loving way.

Denny, one of my dad's closest friends passed away three weeks after my father.  He came to the funeral although he wasn't feeling well.   Problems with his colon he said.  He was to give the eulogy but didn't feel well enough to do it, so I was tasked with that honor.  Well, Gretchen and I.  I wasn't doing that alone.

He told me at the funeral how much he loved Dad and how hard it was for him.  I don't remember life growing up without Denny in it.  Mr. Finn says I never talked about him, maybe it's because he was just part of my life then.  Donna (my mother) didn't like him so he wasn't able to be around as much as he would've liked.  Dad and him would just take off...probably headed to see some car that was super awesome.  They were total car geeks.

He also took me aside and told me how I was the apple of my Dad's eye.  I sure haven't felt that way, for sure.  He said he talked about me all the time and what I was he was proud of me.  I sure wish he would have said those things to me himself, but I guess it's ok that at least I got to hear them.

Denny was also partly responsible for my daughter, Nyoka marrying Ben.  When Nyoka returned from her mission, I happened to be at Dad's when Denny was there.  He said she was welcome to come work for him at Anasazi.  He only hired return missionaries and was sure she would do a great job.  She ended up taking the job...long story for another time...and met Ben.  First boy she ever brought home for me to meet.

I love that he has always been so humble about it.  Such a good man with a good wife.  Sure do love them both.

I will miss him and his latest venture.  With Denny, it was always something.

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Shannon said...

Sending hugs your way, friend.