Monday, November 17, 2008

School Days

School Picture!  What parent doesn't look forward to this glorious time of the year when you are asked to shell out good money for a picture that you won't be allowed to see until it is printed and handed to your child at school, knowing that your child is going to be SUPER offended if you don't think it is the best one ever?!

I had an email conversation a month ago about Rosey's picture, it goes as follows:

> On 10/20/08 5:09 PM, "Lavonne Pappert" wrote:

> > I wanted to tell you that Rosey would not get her

> picture taken. No problem. I

> > instead waited for her to smile during the group shot

> and the photographer

> > singled in on her.  He spent quite a bit of time

> cropping, and it looks great.

> > You might want to order some.

> > 

> > Thanks

> > P
> Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2008, 4:28 PM

> Thanks.  I know she is hard to photograph.  It didn't

> help that she was having one of those days that day and 

> I completely forgot in the midst of it all and didn't 

> prepare her or dress her accordingly.  I appreciate   

> you always trying to make sure hers turns out well.  We 

> treasure her photo from last year as it is 

> truly Rosey and I wouldn't have enjoyed it half as much

> if she was smiling and enjoying it.

> Thanks,

> Robin

> >You just made me laugh out loud. 

> >P

Did I mention how much I enjoy Rosey's picture.  I love it, as always!


Stacey said...

Really-this reminds me of Erin-just wait til you see our most recent family picture....She insists on being "sour" whenever we try to take a group picture..So fun!

Tamaratravel said...

that is fantastic cropping...she looks so cute...

Anonymous said...

Robin, Rosie is a doll. She looks so much like you. She is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure you are so proud of her! Love Missy

Margaret said...

She looks darling. And at least she doesn't have a headband hanging around her neck (remember those?) or her tongue sticking out between her teeth. Ah those favorite family photos that cost a good portion of the family budget.

Shannon said...

So cute! And what an awesome teacher and photographer, to go the extra mile...

thehallebunch2 said...

Too funny! Sounds like Maya & Garrett when taking pictures for someone else!