Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You've Got Mail?

I am one of those people that loves to get mail.  Well, not bills, but personal mail.  I even enjoy email Mail if you know what I mean.   I love knowing that someone thought of me that day.  It is a purely selfish thing, but brings me so much joy.  Mr. Finn is one of those people that sends me mail, mostly email, but I love that he thinks to send me messages every once in a while that are meant to raise my spirits for the day.  Thank you Sweetheart.  Miss Boo is another one of those people that loves to write letters to those that she cares about.  I am on that list and I love every single letter that she gives me.

On Saturday to celebrate my love of mail we went to see the Pony Express ride into St. Joseph, Missouri on their Annual Commemorative Ride from Sacramento, California.  I got choked up a little when they arrived.  (The same feeling I had when I saw Neil Diamond in concert.)  The Pony Express only ran for a year and a half, but we all know what they did. Can you imagine the joy it was to hear those hooves pounding on the dirt trail?  Bringing news of family far away.  I miss paper mail in some ways.  It is more personal because it takes a huge effort to write, envelope, stamp and for me to take to the post office.

I remember being in the mission field and receiving mail.  It was such an anxious, exciting feeling waiting for the Elders to arrive with the mail from the mission home.   It took weeks for mail to arrive from the states and so it was a treat to get that precious envelope. Most of my mail was from Mr. Finn.  He began writing me with the knowledge that I would be required to write him back if I were to be obedient to mission rules.  His letters were interesting and plentiful.  Even packages filled with needed items and sometimes cash wrapped in saran wrap and stuffed into shampoo bottles.  I felt special every time I would get mail.  Everyone in my district was envious of all the mail I received.  See what a well written letter can accomplish.

I want to make a better effort of sending "paper" mail.  I know how it makes me feel.  How does it make you feel?


Shannon said...

I totally agree! Texts and emails are nice, but nothing can replace the feeling of seeing something fun in the mailbox and then holding it in your hand. And, unlike the electronic version, the paper kind can be enjoyed over and over again!

Will and Marcie Davis said...

I am the same way! I LOVE mail!!! Mail in the mailbox = good day!!! :) I love the way you write! I just get wrapped up in it! :) Love ya!