Friday, August 15, 2008

Mom Sure is Crabby!

Rosey's first day of school is today. She is so grown up! I couldn't help thinking of last year, her first year of Preschool and how different the experience is this year. I wasn't able to take any pictures because she was screaming and crying so much, this year I snapped to my heart's content. She was so anxious to get into the classroom she was getting antsy with all the kids lined up. It is a little chaotic this year with the addition of a kindergarten program in the Lutheran Academy.

While trying to get children dressed and fed this morning in order to be on time to the first day of school, I got a bit upset with the progress of things. Rosey looked at her brother and said "Mom sure is crabby this morning", to which Ryan responded "yep she is!" Sure took me off guard to realize how much she notices things and you have to love how she hits it right on.

One of the mother's was very emotional about leaving her son at school, I wonder if I am missing that mommy gene as I was excited about leaving her. The only person more excited was Ryan. I try not to feel guilty because I look forward to that 2 1/2 hours of Rosey-free time. I love her to death but we are both better off with a little away time. Makes us better people to each other.

Now lets see if I can make myself productive during that time! Ha!

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Shannon said...

I can't believe how big Rose is, or that you guys are starting school already! I thought we were early, heading back on the 28th. It sounds like she is little Miss Independence! Glad she is excited for a new year.