Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pickle Sandwiches

When I asked Rosey if she wanted a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, she responded that she would like her favorite kind. I asked what that was and to my surprise she said that Pickle Sandwiches were her favorite! Yummmy!!!! And then she said it had to be shaped like a heart. Of Course, right?! She is definitely her own person. YUCK! She didn't eat it though, so maybe she had her favorite things mixed up a bit.

The second picture is how my children like to watch movies together in the middle of the summer. (It was 92 degrees today) Down comforters, umbrellas and big bowls of fruit snacks. Were we that crazy as kids? I can't remember, but I don't recall having so much creativity or freedom to actually carry out such strange ideas. At least they are happy and can spend some time together without fighting.

Speaking of fighting, tomorrow is school for Rosey. Yeah!


Will and Marcie Davis said...

You are SUCH an amazing mother to LET them carry out their wonderful ideas! How did you cut her sandwitch that way? Very creative!

Shannon said...

I have never heard of pickle sandwiches before...what a creative girl! And the down comforters in 92 deg? You must have really good air conditioning! :)

business said...

Yep they've got freedom and a fun yet firm mom. You're the best. Love, Margaret

Averill6 said...

okay--I'm never reading your blog again--you are way too cool of a mom and put me to shame! :)