Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Other Guy...

We had the most interesting talk with Rosey after Church today. Ralph was asking her what she learned in Primary and she was filling him in on the details. The conversation evolved and he asked her what she was going to do when she turned 8, to which she responded she was getting baptized. He then asked her who would baptize her. She got quiet and said "who Daddy?" He said he would be the one to baptize her. She said, "Oh, so the other guy baptized Jesus?" I love the minds of 4 year olds.

Ralph and I celebrated our 41st and 45th birthdays yesterday with our friends, and with all the children there was somewhere around 35 people in our home. That means our house can manage that many and still have plenty of room. The next party is going to bigger and better. Wouldn't that be nuts? I found this amazing recipe for ribs that Ralph even liked. For the past 6 years I have been trying to cook some that tasted good and I finally did it. Ralph planned the whole party (except for the main meal) and it was soooo much fun.

Ralph gave me the best present ever. We had decided not to give gifts this year so on Thursday when Ralph said he had gotten me a gift I was irritated because I had gone with the whole no present theme wholeheartedly as he is the pits to buy for. He said that it didn't cost anything, but was worth a lot. Boy, was it ever...that sounds a little scary doesn't it. Did anyone out there say to themselves "I don't think I want to know?!" LOL He shaved off his beard to a goatee which I love. He looks so awesome with it that way. So grateful for a husband that knows me so well.

Anyways, turning 41 has given me the opportunity to count my many blessings and I find that there are so many that it is hard to put them all down. So grateful for my family and the blessed life I have with many friends in it. Thanks to all of your for making my life as special as it it.


Wiltbank Family said...

Are we getting OLD? I don't feel it but my kids sure remind me. Jaxten asked me if I watched the "Mayberry Show" when I was little. I said "NO, I was to busy inventing the wheel!!" LOL
Thanks for the sweet comment you left me. You look like you have a wonderful family. How's Becky? Does she have a blog and if not, tell her to get busy. haha! Rachel

Will and Marcie Davis said...

She is precious!!! I love what kids say. Sometimes it really puts things into perspective. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! NO WAY can you be 41!!!!! Thats just BLASPHMEY!!! :) lol I sure love you and thanks for always being there for me!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday (belatedly) to you both! :)