Monday, September 22, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal

I have become addicted to reading blogs of people with great adversity lately and I find that I am uplifted by every post. I am grateful these people take the time to share their lives with people like me.

As you know I follow the Nielsons blog and her sister Courtney's. While reading C Jane's I found this link to Carol Decker in Seattle, Washington and have been so moved by her story. Not just what has happened to them, but the outpouring of love in their community and throughout the blog world to help.

This is a news clip from a fundraiser in her honor.

Every morning after I log on to my computer I check these two websites. It is good to be reassured that there is great kindness still in this world.


The White House said...

I love the new layout. Your family is priceless.

Shannon said...

Amen. With all of the nastiness out there, it really is refreshing to see people doing nice things for each other!