Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lots of Obeying...

Today was a stressful day with the kids. Mostly due to lack of sleep on my part. Ryan has a cold and gets stuffed up in the night and freaks out because he can't breathe through his nose. He ended up in bed with me around 11:30.

But, the day ended on a good note with Rosey. She is such a delight when she is in a good mood. We made brownies today which she helped a lot with. She wanted them cut up so I gave her a butter knife figuring that wasn't too dangerous and was amazed at how coordinated she was and able to see her master it within minutes. She is so proud of herself.

Anyways we were having a conversation at the counter while I was getting her brownie ready as we have been having a problem with obedience today.

Rosey what does it mean to obey your parents?

I don't know.

Did you know it is a commandment?


It says in the Bible you are to obey your Mother and Father.

No! Ms. Joe says that!

Excuse me?!?

She was talking about that today, that there is an Old Testament and a New Testament and it talks about obeying a lot. (for those confused, Rosey goes to the Lutheran Academy Preschool)

I start laughing, not because of the subject, but because of her hand gestures. I asked her to explain it to me 3 times and she used the same hand gestures. I took a picture because it was so amusing. I am assuming that her teacher explained the Old Testament and raised up one and then the other. It was too precious for words.

This is really the first time that she has told me about what she learns at school. They have a ten minute devotional every day with a spiritual thought. Glad they are hitting on the main points for kids. I have found this to most helpful with Rosey issues. Last year she had a problem with biting. After devotional she never bit again or talked about it. Mrs P (Pappert) said that Rosey was listening really closely taking in every bit of. Thanks Lutheran Academy for helping with the hard issues.

Oh yeah! Ralph left town yesterday morning and will be back Friday night. Yuck! Miss you Nader!

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Shannon said...

How nice to have school back up what you are teaching at home... and isn't it funny how we can tell our kids something over and over, and then they hear it from someone else, and it clicks? I like to think that I am constantly fertilizing the ground so that the good seeds have a place to grow...