Friday, September 19, 2008

All About Attitude

It is amazing how different today was and how that was because of a change in my attitude. I wanted today to be different, really different! I woke up Rosey with her favorite nonsensical song that I sing to her as to not wake her up to quickly and upset the balance of things too early. The difference was this morning I did it because I wanted her to wake up happy about her day and it seemed to be different. What a silly little song called "Wake up you sleepyhead" that if done properly will restore the balance in the universe.

I took her to school and then to the grocery store so Ryan could get his blue cookie from Angie, his favorite bakery lady of all time and then we were off to the gym. He is starting the "Stay with me Mommy and watch me play", so it is a little harder to just drop him and leave because it is too sweet for words...and those eyes! Please!

While I was walking on the treadmill reading the Ensign I came across an article about raising your children. It had the greatest impact on me, maybe because I was in a more receptive spirit or because I recognized the truth in me, my life and could see how my parenting skills were counter productive for her and how I was pushing her to be obedient instead of finding out why she wasn't. Duh?! Really? I truly am that thick that it has taken 4 years.

We had a fabulous day together and I felt this unbelievable increase in love for her and PATIENCE. We had Fun!

She got into my pink lipstick. (pink is her favorite and looked absolutely precious. I didn't even get mad that she used a good portion of it. Just photographed it for the memory spot.

Ralph is home finally. I had the babysitter keep the kids up until he got home around 8:45. They were so excited to see him that Ryan was spinning and hopping until he fell down. I have never seen him so excited before, but this is the longest his Daddy has been gone. Really wish I had the video camera going. Ralph brought the kids their own Halloween silverware and Ryan fell asleep with it in his hand. (see picture above)


"Sleep with me Mom!" I turn around to see Ryan staring at me with those hard to resist eyes and that pouty lip that is already poised for disappointment. How could I resist? I race him to bed and snuggle down with him, just until he falls asleep. I had planned on napping a little, but find myself staring at this incredible little guy that has me tied around his little finger. There is something special about him, maybe the way he looks at you intently before he asks if you are o.k. Maybe it is the peels of laughter that come with such ease or his kindness towards a "grumpy" sister. (his own words) He is our gentle little soul that brings our family together. To think we were stopping at one!

"Tickle me Mommy!" giggles Rosey from the door as I sit at my computer typing this blog. She jumps on my lap and I tickle her as she falls on the floor screaming "Get the armpits", to which I reply; "Yuck! Do you know what's in there?" More squeals of laughter. I think we are finding our way together. I am glad we aren't wasting anymore time being "grumpy". Not that everyday will be like this, but the desire is there for peace and it seems to be contagious among the ranks.

We breathe and feel that all is well in the Universe. For today at least and with this blog I can go back and remind myself when the sky looks bleak and hopeless that this too shall pass.


thehallebunch2 said...

Yay! The universe was one that day!! Mom dont worry..your a great mom! I mean look at me!? I think I turned out!!I love you mom!!

Will and Marcie Davis said...

You are AMAZING! And I agree with Nyoka! Look what you did with her! She is the most magnificant girl EVER and YOU did that! YOU! I am so glad that all is well! Its always nice to have those wonderful days! It makes all the horrible ones disappear! Just this Sunday I didnt have to go out in the hall once! It was AMAZING and I will cherish that memory! :) lol I am STILL so excited about it! And I was ALL by my self with THREE kids this time! Who would have thought that day would ever come! Not me!!! :) Woohoo! Here's a high five for you! the way I need to learn that song. Connor is SUCH a bear in the morning!!!:)

Shannon said...

So glad to read about your "good" day... we all need those to get us through the hard ones. You are an inspiration... I am going to re-examine my own attitude.