Monday, February 2, 2009

Want to be Rich?

Do you have Wonder Hangers, Mommy?

Well, no I don't.

Do you have pants?


I have pants, says the Dude.

I have shirts too he says.

I am so glad, I reply.

On Friday, Miss Boo had a similar conversation with me.

Do you need Space Bags Mommy?

I already have some Miss Boo.


I use them to store stuff under the bed (my little secret).

Wow!  Then you probably need Wonder Hangers!

Do you realize that these commercials are on Nick Jr?  A program for kids.  Those darn marketing people have found out how to get the lemmings to sell product to the old folks.  Constant repetition!

I was reading a friends blog today and she talked about the Prophet and when he repeats something, it bears instant action upon it.  The Bible, the Book of Mormon, all forms of repeating the same messages to us.  I believe we need constant repetition before our minds accept that we have to act upon the message.  I really want to be one of those that doesn't have to be reminded constantly to do the Lord's he intended.

There was a comment shared in Gospel Doctrine class yesterday at church.  I had forgotten about it until I read Jolin's blog and know that I need to remember this and REPEAT it often:

If you want to be rich...

          Count Your Blessings!


Tamaratravel said...

My kids always ask me why I don't buy the wonder hangers too...It's amazing what they pick up on the tv...hopefully they are picking up the same at church....I know that I need constant repetion in order to actually perform my spiritual duties....I'm always begging for help...

Enid said...

I know I am rich when I count my blessing expecially good family. I know a need repetition to remember any thing. Love you!!

Shannon said...

What a timely reminder... I have mountains of laundry to do today, but all of those pants and shirts and jammies are blessings. Not only in themselves, but for the people they represent. Thanks, Robin! Good friends are also great blessings. ;)