Sunday, February 8, 2009

Clean Car

Saturday I spent 3 hours on a beautiful day cleaning out my disgusting, kid crusted vehicle.  I had the help of a very talented and bossy helper.  Yes, that would be Miss Boo.  

I have been meaning to clean the carpets since a lost sippy cup of chocolate milk blew it's contents all over the back of the Durango.  Mr. Finn and I had been out to dinner as part of our anniversary this year.  When we returned from the restaurant we thought one of us had stepped in dog poop.  Not me, of course.  I watch where I walk.  LOL  We got out and checked our shoes, the sides of the car, etc...and nothing.

So, we went to the movie theatre to buy our tickets and came back to the SMELL, could you believe it was getting worse?!   We went shopping at Target for socks (the hubby forgot to bring some on our trip) and by now the smell was getting unbearable.  And to think that it started out smelling somewhat like parmesan cheese.  Gross!

We drove to an empty lot and scoured every inch of the vehicle.  I found an empty sippy cup in the third and forgotten row.  When Becky (SIL) visited we used it because of the new addition of twins.  (Finally, it came in of the reasons I had to have a Durango.)  Alright, I know this story is way too long for one about a smelly car, but it has a point, I promise.  Miss Boo took up residence in the backseat during the visit and she loves her chocolate milk.  So, it was at least 2 weeks since the trip and I had completely forgotten about her milk and since we had put the seats back down, it was hidden from view.

As I was talking to Mr. Finn, I realized that the smell was coming from this cup.  The holes in the sippy cup must have been crusted over and with the cold from outside and the heat from the heater and the bumping on the road, it made a bad combination, spewing its putrid contents all over the carpet.  I cleaned up in the 2 degree weather with wet wipes to the best of my ability, but I could still smell it every time I got in the car.    

A warm day, a little bit of energy and VOILE, 3 hours of cleaning.

AND THEN COMES THE IRONY!!!!  After all that cleaning we get in the car to get Rosey's soccer equipment and the vehicle smells like ARMPIT!  
Are you kidding me?

Armpit combined with smelly feet, but mostly armpit.

I couldn't figure it out!  How could this happen to  me?  Is the universe really that cruel?  Did I offend the Cleaning Gods by basking in my own glory of a job well done?

Come to find out, the ArmorAll cleaner that I used had gone bad.  Did you know it has a shelf life?  I certainly did not.  I assume if you still have some in the bottle, it is good to use!  LOL

Now my clean car smells like PIT until I can figure out how to get rid of that smell.  I assume a trip to the store is in order to fix that problem.


Williamson Fam said...

Sounds like my kinda luck. Hope you get the stink out of your car pronto!

Tamaratravel said...

If only our cars came with a self cleaning button like some of the public toilets...I'd be pushing it everyday....

Kelley said...

LOL! Hmm, which is worse - PIT or putrid milk? I hope you find the solution soon. :)

Our Family said...

Love how you wrote it...... very interesting, sorry so stinky though.

Shannon said...

So sorry... we had an unidentifiable offensive odor in the van last month, and I never did figure out what it was. We thoroughly doused every fabric surface with Febreeze, which seemed to help. Or maybe it was just the week long high we all had from the fumes. In any case, I feel (smell?) your pain!