Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A week of a houseful... of faces.

I never thought I would be a grandmother at this age, but it's turned out pretty good.  Miss Boo loves having nieces and nephews, especially this little guy.
Ok, I know there are a lot of Westin, but can you blame me.  That tummy is pretty impressive on a slow day.  Besides, he loves his Nana.
These two spent a lot of time hanging out watching movies on the iPhone.
This picture made me want to be young again.
We spent a couple of crazy days at the pool.  (see previous post)
Water... what is better?

It was a lot of fun to have 7 kids in this house.  An eye opener to how much work mothers of lots of children do.  I can quit complaining about two now... right?  At breakfast one morning Miss Boo looks around at the table and says, "Mom, it looks like a restaurant in here".  That about sums it up.  It was fun and they will be back on Saturday for a couple more days before they go home to their Daddy.

And... my daughter let Mr. Finn and I go out on a date.  An actual meal that we ate without children and we could take our time.  A movie and fun conversation.  I can't remember having a better time.  I didn't have to worry about rushing home to take a babysitter home and so we just got to enjoy each other.  I love these kind of date nights.

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Shannon said...

You have a beautiful family! And three cheers for daughters who help make date nights happen - they are the best!