Monday, July 19, 2010


 Miss Boo is extremely intelligent. 
 I don't say that just because I am her mother
She just seems to have a grasp on all things smart.
Which does not cross over to the fashion gene.  
(I cried when I saw this picture.  Her face looks so grown up and wise,)
But, in her defense, I did tell her to go get dressed.
That is no small deed in our reality.

When I went in to check on the Dude in bed last night, this is what I found.  
Guess what he is listening to?  

But, first some hints...
... he comes running into my office with this look of excitement and joy with his iPhone in his hand.  Mommy, who made this song?  It was so beautiful I almost cried, so please tell me who she is that sings so pretty.  (choke, silent sob.)  That is Aunt Kirsten sweetie.  He says that she is the most beautiful singer he has ever heard and runs off to his room playing "Day of Reckoning" over and over. 
Do you know the answer?


Shannon said...

Three cheers for Miss Boo's outfit - I love a girl who has her own sense of style! And I am curious about the song? (AdOrAbLe boy!)

Tamaratravel said...

I had to go to youtube to hear the Parting Glass...I've never heard it before..Very nice..oh and good luck with the fashionista..That's my pet peeve..So you know who tries to pick out Anna-Maria's clothes..I let her creativity shine elsewhere..