Thursday, July 29, 2010


(the progression of the photos goes as follow;  1. Are you sending this to Daddy?  2. I make funny sounds.  3. This is my picture Dude. 4. I said get out!  5. Miss Boo hit me because I was trying to be in the picture."

I remember NOTHING about losing teeth as a child.  It's strange, I think.  Isn't it?  Doesn't everyone remember losing at least one tooth?  I know by the size of my teeth that I wasn't born with these honkers.  Could you imagine?!  But the memories are gone.  As Mr. Finn has said on many occasions, it is my early onset Alzheimer's.

At least I haven't lost any important information, right?  And... how would I know that?

Maybe I should stick to writing down the "important" things in my children's lives while I still remember.

Miss Boo lost her 4th tooth last night after a loooonnnnng day of it hanging by a literal string.  She spent the better part of the early evening freaked out that she would lose it while she slept and swallow it.  I assured her that it would be out by the time she brushed her teeth.  I was right.  I am always right.  The toothbrush was the thing that finally wrenched that poor little tooth from her mouth.

And now we have this scrumptious picture that all mothers love.


Tamaratravel said...

ha..I remember losing one tooth..My sister tied it to a door knob and slam it was out..We done all of Anna-Maria's teeth that way..Quick and to the point...Now you have to look at a big gap for 6 months..Scary..

Shannon said...

when I first saw your photo strip, I thought the dude was crying because he wanted to lose a tooth, too - but I guess his sister can help him with that! ;)

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Ohhhh..........she is SO precious!! I love it!