Saturday, July 3, 2010

And ere shall she wave...

The sight of this flag hanging from the huge lift was amazing to see.
My patriotic little man watching that magnificent flag.
I love this man...especially his smile for his children.

Don't you just want to squeeze her?
And him?
Is there anything better than flying elephants?   Magical.

The Dude and I are on the Ferris Wheel.  I love the look on his face as it starts to move and rock.  My face was worse than this!  I don't like rides.
Our View from up top was amazing.
 Miss Boo was so excited to see us.  She stayed down because she hasn't been feeling very well today.  We are hoping tomorrow is a better day.
The look on The Dude's face and that vein in his neck sum up the morning for him.  He had so much fun!
According to the Dude this is a "FAKE" clown because he just painted on his face?!?
According to Mr. Finn this guy bought his car new.  Ha ha! 
 And of course this goes without saying.  It was beautiful in a "Tombstone" sort of way.
These were the highlights of how we celebrated our 4th of July on the 3rd.  It was fun and we were together as a family.  I am grateful that Mr. Finn waited patiently for Miss Boo to feel better so we could go as a family.  Actually, he said we wouldn't go to the parade and festivities if it weren't as a family.  We want our children to know that our motto is one for all and and all for one.  We truly love our children and enjoy our family time together.

Now off to prepare the lesson for YW.  Yes, it is Saturday evening and quite late, but I hope it will be acceptable.  I am a bit of a procrastinator.  You think?


Shannon said...

If you are on the same lesson as we are, I think the topic is sacrifice... and going on a ferris wheel when you don't like rides - well, really, what is there left to say? :)
I am glad you had some family fun. Your DH is a goofball - in the best sense of the word, haha.

Tamaratravel said...

Wow how much fun! That parade looked fantastic..Glad everyone enjoyed a patriotic 4th of July..

Stacey said...

Where was this celebration? It looks like a cute town.