Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lindi Hop will go on...

I know my last post may have seemed a little self serving, but the truth is that I have struggled in this calling for the past year.  I wasn't sure that this was a good fit for me, it isn't the best fit, but I have learned that these girls are so much fun and very interesting to be around.  And the other truth is that I am a bit self serving.

Lindi is very artsy.  When I say artsy I think of those people in NY who wear black, have interesting hair and do avant garde things such as photography, etc.  Lindi is a photographer and enjoys taking pictures of herself in interesting ways.  She fascinates me because she is fearless that way.  I really didn't know much about her except that her family was going through some rough times emotionally and that she was having a hard time fitting into our ward.  I truly felt like her Advisor was helping her with all that.

Then, one day I finally opened the Personal  Progress Book and started to read the value on Faith and all I could think about was Lindi being able to express her faith in Christ through her photography.  I called her and asked her what she would think about using my Canon Rebel (I knew she didn't have a camera outside of her cell phone) to work on it.

What she did took my breath away.  Her testimony of her Savior was full of color and depth... and I knew of her FAITH.  I was so grateful to finally feel like I was on the right page with one of these girls.  Our job/calling is to help them strengthen their testimonies, but I never knew how to do it.  Of course not!  It wasn't for me to do it, it was for me to listen to my Heavenly Father and do as he wanted for his daughters.

Lindi helped me in more ways than she thinks I helped her.  She still amazes me with her energy and drive.  Nothing will slow her down.
This was Lindi when she came to our ward.  
I took this picture of her for our camp flag.

And just because this is my blog journal, I am including the message I sent back to her and the one she sent me after that.  She is a gift that keeps on giving.

Dear Lindi,
That was the sweetest note. You are such a special young woman that made my first year as a leader so much more fulfilling. I was struggling in my calling with knowing why I was in there. You made me feel needed and useful. You brought such joy and light into our class. Every time I see you I smile. I didn't know you were struggling when you were in our ward. I just knew I loved you and enjoyed you. Just goes to show you that Heavenly Father knows us and our hearts. He brings those into our lives, albeit sometimes too short of a time, in order to help and comfort.

Thank you for putting so much effort into you Personal Progress Project. I was deeply moved by your art. You have an amazing eye and through your photography I got to see a piece of your heart. Thank you again.

Always keep in touch with me. I want to know all the wonderful things that LINDI is going to accomplish in this world. And they are going to be amazing.

With Love,
Sis. Rogers
July 15 at 9:11pm
I just love how heavenly father has a plan for all of us and creates this awesome bubble where people are connected and help each other out when he cant be there himself to comfort us. i think its amazing.
Thankyou again Sis. Rodgers this message put the most EPICALLY HUGE smile on my face. it has motivated me even more to accomplish bigger greater things and i Will always let you know when i doo!! :D

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Shannon said...

Again, all I can say is awesome! This is a great example of the amazing way Heavenly Father can use us to bless each other if we just let Him. Very, very cool.