Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lindi Hop

Subject: :D
Sister Rodgers!
This message is also a "thankyou" for all the things you've done along with all the things i like about you.

Thankyou for helping me get back into the church. Along with the other YW and leaders in your ward, you have definitely had HUGEEEE impact on my life. Without the church i know exactly where i'd be and i dont want to be there. Thankyou for strengthing my testimony in the gospel and helping me get back on my feet! I love how interacting you are with the YW and i think EVERY leader should be like that! You are definitley super smart and very wise bout lots of things! YOu aren't afraid to speak outloud and you don't care for whoever judges. I like all the activities you have put together and how it has built ME spiritually as well as emotionally!
I LOVE you you STILL keep tabs on me even though i dont go to your ward anymore. It makes a huge difference:)



I found this sweet little note in my inbox the other day. 


Tamaratravel said...

That's so sweet..It's great to get affirmation of your hard work and prayers..Keep it up..

Enid said...

This is what makes all your hard work worth it. Keep it up I am proud of you!!! Love MonE

Shannon said...

Totally awesome - and I have no doubt you deserve it!