Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Mine

Mr. Finn took Miss Boo to work this morning.  I had mixed feelings!  It is good of him to think of me and that I could use some time off from at least one child, but then I feel frustration because it means I will have to take 1 1/2 hours of my day to go up to his office and pick her up.  I am not good with changes in my plans.  I think it is something I need to work on, don't you?  I can't even handle it if Mr. Finn decides to take a different way home, I get extremely anxious and a tad bit panicky.  Crazy.

At least I will be able to do some YW visits with just the Dude.   He is fabulous company and such a good listener, besides he loves hanging out with his Mommy.

The other morning we were cuddling and he cups my face with his sweet little hands and says;  "I want you to stay like you are and I just want to stay a kid".

Why, certainly my dear little man.  If only that were an option, I would halt your growth right here and cherish every moment of you.  I am torn between wanting them to stay right in this moment and then the joy of watching them learn and grow.  

I asked him the other day if he would still snuggle with me when he is grown up.  He assured me that he would never stop snuggling with me.  Mr. Finn said that would be a bit awkward when he is a grown man.  I don't care!  He will always be my baby.


Shannon said...

Have you read the kids book I'll Love You Forever? If not, go get a copy at the library. (and pick up a box of kleenex on your way home.)

Upward Reach said...

I totally love that book.